Often times I think people have a false mindset that modest = frumpy. Like dressing modestly means you’re walking around in a moo-moo or something. Which is so not true! Today I wanted to share a few outfit combos I’ve put together for spring, specifically for Sunday church service. Outfits that are feminine, modest, and not frumpy 😉

About a year or so ago I felt convicted to start wearing more dresses/skirts generally speaking. I still like wearing blue jeans especially during the winter time, but with spring temperatures and summer approaching I’m looking forward to wearing more skirts and dresses again. I also committed myself to no longer wear blue jeans for Sunday church services. I also began headcovering for church and I wrote a post in regards to that. You can read that post HERE.

I didn’t grow up in Christian home, but I had friends who did and my husband did as well. Something that they typically look back on was the tradition of wearing your Sunday best. Your best may have been an old pair of slacks or a handsome suit and tie. The point wasn’t necessarily the condition, but that you set aside your best to worship the Lord with fellow believers. In our modern culture I think that ideal has been lost, and while I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with someone wearing blue jeans to church, I personally felt convicted to set aside a few pieces in my wardrobe that would be special for Sunday service.

I kept this small capsule really simple with just a few pieces I can easily mix and match. In my opinion every modest wardrobe should have a floral dress/skirt, a basic denim skirt and a neutral dress/skirt (black or brown) I think with those few pieces you can easily make multiple outfits.

For this outfit I paired a flowy green midi skirt that I sewed myself, I love it paired with the rust pink color of the t shirt. One new addition to my wardrobe is this camp jacket. It is the perfect weight for spring and fall temperatures.

This rust colored skirt is one of my favorites. It’s from The Mainstreet Exchange and I paired it with this rust colored blouse from the Free Assembly Line at Walmart. I actually think this one is my favorite.

This dress is so fun for spring and it’s so easy to mix and match with other basics. Because the material is light and airy I can easily throw a tshirt over top and change the whole look of it.

This blouse is probably my favorite blouse that I own, it’s so flattering and I love the classic vintage look of it.

I’d love to hear which outfit idea is your favorite?



  1. I love all you’re outfits! You’re so right. I’m apostolic Pentecostal and people always assume I must look homely. Thank you for shedding light on modesty still being fashionable!

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  2. You’re so adorable! I absolutely love all these outfits. I would love to read your head covering post but the link doesn’t seem to work in the post.
    I would like to get a few skirts to wear special for church but I haven’t had time to find some that are not so short, so I haven’t bought any. My girls wear dresses every Sunday, I typically wear my best pair of jeans and a nice blouse.

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    1. I’m sorry, I think it should be fixed now. It can be hard to find skirts that aren’t short, I really like The Mainstreet Exchange for modest clothing. They have dresses and skirts that are knee length and longer which is my preference.

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  3. I love them all and all of what you shared about your convictions on modesty/Sunday best.

    I think my favorite outfits are the green flowy midi + rust top as well as the rust top over the floral dress.

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  4. Beautiful!! The first is my favorite, but I love the floral dress too. It’s funny you mentioned wearing skirts. I’m a blue jean girl, but I’ve felt a weird pull to start wearing skirts. I never wear skirts!

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