Let Your Light Shine

Hi there, friends!! It's been a minute, hasn't it? How have you been? Life lately has been busy, not busy bad...like in a stressful way. Busy good, as in full. filled with fun, time with friends and family, we've been outside enjoying the sunshine and nature and it's rich and living giving. We've also been … Continue reading Let Your Light Shine


DIGGING - It would not be spring if you weren't out in the garden digging around a bit right? We are planning on changing the landscaping a little bit this year, which means we may be borrowing a friend's digger...(I can't think of the name) I'm so not a farmer, you guys, haha....maybe it's .... … Continue reading THE ING’S OF SPRING


Did you know that flour sack tea towels have many more uses than simply drying dishes? Just a few ideas you could use them for...wrapping gifts, curtains, pillow covers...and a fun little sewing project I'm going to share with you today...an apron!  This week I have the privilege to get to team up with some … Continue reading SHOW AND TELL | A SPRING TIME CRAFT