Are you in full on Christmas mode yet? I think our family is. I’ve been decking the halls. I seem to do this slowly spreading it out over a couple weeks rather than in one day. I’m not sure why, but I just enjoy focusing on one room at a time before moving to the next one. We’ve also been baking all the cookies and enjoying the holiday crafts projects. Listening to all the Christmas music. Everything feels cozier and warmer…well everything except outside. It sure has gotten chilly in our neck of the woods. How about where you live?

Today I on the blog I wanted to share two simple bow ideas to help you use up those scraps of wrapping paper. I don’t know about you but I really don’t like letting it all go to waste. Both bows are easy to construct and once you know how to make them. you’ll likely never want or need to buy another bow again!

Constructing Bow No. 1

  • Cut 3 strips of wrapping paper 10″x1″
  • Cut 3 strips of wrapping paper 9″x1″
  • Cut one small piece for the center about 3″x1″
  • You’re going to fold your strips almost in a figure 8. I used double sided paper. You’ll want the underside of the bow to be face up.
  • Staple in the center. Do this 5 more times
  • Layer your pieces the larger ones on the bottom. Alternating like pictured. I used hot glue to hold mine in place. Then the smaller ones and finally the center piece.

Constructing Bow No. 2

  • Cut a large rectangle. It can be any size you want. The larger the rectangle the larger the bow.
  • Fold it in half. With it folded cut strips leaving about an inch between your cut and the folded crease.
  • Once your have all your cuts made open up your rectangle and use your scissors to curl the strips. Be careful not to rip them. Though if you do…a few here and there won’t matter. Ahem…ask me how I know 😉
  • Once everything is curled roll up your paper.
  • Fold your finished bow in half and play around with it until you have your curls the way you want them. Add to your gift with a piece of tape. I like to add two or three of these in a cluster to make it nice and full

I’m also including a free gift tag printable for y’all with three different designs so that you can pretty up and label all your gifts! You can print that HERE

Blessings, dear ones!



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