I am often asked what led us to homeschool our boys. Truthfully it sort of hit us out of nowhere. I had considered homeschooling our oldest before enrolling him in kindergarten. We talked about it, reached out to friends that did, prayed about it and eventually settled on trying public school first. I’d be lying if I told you I liked the idea, but at the time I prayed that the Lord would fill me with peace in our decision and as always He came through! I had peace and my son had a great first year of school. Truthfully we had a really great experience.

I felt the tug at my heart coming back at the end of the summer before 1st grade. That gut in my feeling nudging me towards homeschool again. I pushed it aside and we continued on our way. About halfway through the year my husband and I were chatting about school and different thoughts on it and he expressed that he was feeling led to withdraw our son and begin homeschooling him. I told him, I too was feeling led to do the same. I can’t say there were specific reasons why. Just a culmination of a lot of things that led us to our decision and I knew in my heart God was leading us to this and this was His plan all along. That’s not to say I wasn’t nervous. We weren’t prepared. I sort of scrambled and friends were lending workbooks and teachers manuals offering prayer and advice. My support system and trust in God’s plan is what gave me the calm I needed.

People often tell me they don’t know how people homeschool. They could never do it. Their kids would never listen to them. And with no disrespect, I realize there are many reasons people choose not to homeschool, and I wholeheartedly respect their choice, but I can tell you it’s not because of lack of ability. Any parent can homeschool and I 100% believe God will equip us with the tools, strength, knowledge, patience, etc. that we need. God does not call the equipped He equips the called. I’m not perfect, I lose my patience. God works in me each and everyday and when I seek him He answers my prayers. He will use me and equip me. He will help me to produce good fruit. There are days when we have to pause for a few moments calm our minds and hearts and pray together. The beauty of homeschooling is we have the opportunity to experience that together!

Homeschooling is not just worksheets for a few hours every day. This is our lifestyle. It is built upon our home life. It’s about our relationship, its about doing life together. Sharing every day moments. Yes, there is work, and we follow a curriculum which means book work and worksheets. Homeschool to me is getting to share my days with my children, teach them, fill their hearts and minds with truth and goodness. Yes, it takes determination, time and dedication. But what better way to spend our time than pouring into the hearts of the children God has blessed us with, growing together!

I get to bond with my boys on a much deeper level because we are together every single day. We get to share exciting experiences, be flexible with our time, come and go as we please, adventure together and learn together. We have the ability to focus on life skills. They can hone in on their interests and talents and we have the time and ability to nurture those things on a more personal level. I’m able to choose the curriculums we use. I have the ability to use God centered resources to teach my boys. We have more time to read poetry, books, play, listen to music, sing hymns, read our bibles, learn life skills, etc?

A few things I’ve realized and learned along the way.

I will need to sacrifice even more of my time. Parents everywhere know raising kids is hard and time consuming. You will need to sacrifice things. I’m here to tell you this is even more true with homeschool, but the reward is greater than the sacrifice!

Focus and determination are key. You need to have a mission and remember your whys. Those reminders will be needed on those hard days!

Do not fall into the trap of comparison and perfectionism. No one is perfect except Jesus and He is the only one you should try to be like. Every person is different, every family is different which means everyone’s homeschool journey and life will be different. It’s great to ask advice, bounce ideas off each other, but do not compare your homeschool to others.

Be prepared to fail. Routines won’t work, curriculums won’t work [sometimes halfway in the year]. Some days won’t go well. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Take those failures as lessons and grow from there. Try different curriculums, make different routines. Find what works for you and your family.

Pray, pray, pray. Seek the Lord, trust in Him.

I hope this gives a little more insight in our why and also why we love homeschooling our boys so much.

Thanks for stopping by today sweet friends!

Bree ❤

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