I may have a very deep love for kitchen things, specifically useful, well made, pretty kitchen things. If you’re like me then you can relate to the excitement of a newly purchased kitchen tool, just give me all the brushes, brooms, wooden spoons, bristles and wool dusters and I’ll be a happy girl.

My simple goal in most areas of my life is to make the space around me beautiful. We [my family] spend so much of our time in our home and because we are home throughout the day making lots of messes and living within these walls I make it a point to have our cleaning and tidying tools at arms reach. If they are going to be on display then they should obviously be pleasing to the eye and neatly organized, right? Today I have gathered up my very favorite items that we use daily to share with y’all.

DISH BRUSHES AND THESE – I’ve been using these for years and love them!! They work great for cast iron and stainless.

BENCH BRUSH – Our chairs and bench are always full of crumbs…I have one word…boys. This is such a handy tool to grab and clean up all those small messes.

CHAIR BRUSH – I love this for small crumb messes on the tabletop or counter.

ALL PURPOSE BRUSH – This scrub brush is great for scrubbing and cleaning veggies

COPPER CLEANING CLOTHS – These copper cloths are great because they are non abrasive and can clean pots, pans, sinks, ovens, cooktops, glass, stainless steel all without scratching!

DUSTER – I’ve had this duster for years and I love it. The handle is long so it’s great for grabbing those dust bunnies in the corners of ceilings and on crown mouldings.

HORSEHAIR BROOM – I love this one. I have a cheaper option and it’s okay. It’s working for now so I see no point in replacing it but If I could do it over, I would have invested in this better quality one!

DUST PAN – I use our dustpan daily…for sweeping up floor messes or counter crumbs it’s so handy. The kids love to use it to clean up their own messes, too!

RICE STRAW BROOM – or this cheaper option HERE – I have a small handheld broom and and large handled one for sweeping the porch and garage.

FLOUR SACK TOWELS – I basically use flour sack towels for all.the.things. They are super absorbent and lint free and are so handy to just grab and clean up big and small messes.

NORWEX ENVIROCLOTH – If you’re not familiar with Norwex be sure to check out their website. The envirocloth is just the beginning. They have so many wonderful cleaning tools that are toxin free and safe for your home and environment!

UTILITY SCRUB BRUSH – I love this for deeper scrubbing jobs like my tile floors.

GLASS BOTTLE – I love these bottles for making my own cleaning spray.

SAL SUDS – my favorite cleaner, it can be used for sooooo many things. Just keep in mind its very concentrated so a little goes a long way! I’m actually working on a post with different cleaning recipes using Sal Suds so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.

METAL BUCKET – can be used for storing your cleaning tools and it doubles as a vessel to hold your water for mopping/scrubbing





Not linked, but things I love and also feel a necessary is a good steam mop or Norwex mop for cleaning floors as well as a great vacuum. We have a Simplicity vacuum and I absolutely love it. I’ve had it for 6-8 years and it’s really a great vacuum. They don’t make my model any more, but you can check their website out here. I also love this Shark handheld vacuum for quick clean up, and getting the kids to clean up a mess in a flash!

Do you have a love for cleaning tools and kitcheny things? What’s your favorite cleaning tool that you use? I’d love to hear about it! I hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed stopping by today!




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