I think we often forget we spend roughly 8-9 hours of our day in our bedrooms thats 1/3 of our day!! I believe this gets overlooked because we most likely spend that time sleeping, but just because we are sleeping doesn’t mean it’s not important to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Today on the blog I want to talk about simple ways to create a cozy summer bedroom.

Whenever I am decorating a room in our home I like to first begin with the concept of old+new. If you’ve been around my blog and Instagram for a while you know that I love incorporating vintage and antique pieces into my home. Some are family heirlooms and others are little treasures I’ve found along the way. Either way I love the collected touch it adds to my home. In my own personal opinion collected = cozy


For our bedroom I chose to keep things neutral and warm. I used warm whites and beige tones to keep it earthy natural. You don’t need to keep things as neutral as I have, but it’s important to chose a focal color for your overall space. It could be an earthy green or a deep rich blue or warm white, no matter the color choose one as your base. From there you can choose coordinating and complimentary colors to add in depth and interest. For our space I’ve chosen blue and other earthy colors in our area rug. Your accent color can be used in things like curtains, pillows, throw blankets etc.


For bed linens, I love soft fabrics. Linen and 100% cotton are my go to. Touching on the new + old concept. I love adding new bedding like this quilt and pillow covers from Piper Classics + incorporating old grain sack as accent pillows. I’ve also played around with texture and pattern by adding ruffled pillows with a mix of plain fabrics, striped ticking in the quilt and curtains, and buffalo check. I believe as long as you’re staying within your base + accent color family you can totally have fun and mix in fun patterns.

Less is more

I strive at keeping this space simple and free of clutter. I avoid putting too much on the walls and furniture tops. If a room feels to crowded I tend to feel overwhelmed and no one wants to feel claustrophobic in their own bedroom, am I right?

Fresh Flowers

Summer is the perfect time to bring the outside in. I love cutting flowers from our garden and setting them next to our beds. This is another opportunity to add old + new. I love using old ironstone or stoneware pitchers for fresh cut flowers.

Along the lines of flowers smells are important. I like to keep sachets of lavender in between our box spring and mattress. I also keep a linen spray on hand made with essential oils to spray on our bedding before we crawl in at night. Its the perfect way to relax after a busy day.


Consider adding an area rug under your bed or runners on either side like I’ve done in our space. There’s something so cozy about stepping on a soft rug before crawling in or out of bed. Remember to stay within your base and accent colors, but this is a simple way to add warmth and interest to your space while still keeping it relaxing.

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! I hope you’re enjoying your sweet summer so far ❤





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