It’s that time of year, friends. When we put away all the excess Christmas decorations. For many of us it’s much colder outside, possibly snowy which leads to more time spent indoors. Then we begin to look around and realize…wow, where did all this junk come from? I don’t know about you, but for me physical clutter makes my head spin. Excess stuff can really begin to overwhelm me and about every 3ish months I have to do a scan through each room of my home to purge and organize. Maybe you received some new things this Christmas that you need to make room for. “Out with the old in with the new.” Or maybe you just realize you have a lot of “extra” and you need to clear it out to lighten the load of upkeep. Whatever it is I hope today’s tips are helpful. I always like to begin decluttering somewhere where I can see and feel an immediate impact. Somewhere where there aren’t a lot of sentimental items and it’s just easy to figure out what I need and what is excess. For that reason we are going to begin in the kitchen today.


I have these Tupperware containers. I like the containers a lot, but I literally fight every single time trying to fit the lids on. I think I put them in the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle and the lids shrank. If you have pieces that are broken or chipped or in my case shrunken. Just let them go. Another decluttering tip for tupperware is this: I know we are all inclined to just stack our containers in each other, but I find storing them with their lids on, not only looks nicer in my cabinets. It also requires me to keep only what fits and only what I use and need.


What is it with lids that disappear? I wonder if they are hiding somewhere in my home with all my lost hair ties and bobby pins. If you can’t find a lid to a container or a container to a lid go ahead and chuck them.


I know we have all been there. We have these items that we hold on to because…1. Someone got it for us and we feel guilty for not keeping it. 2. We spent money on it and feel guilty for not keeping it…let this be a lesson if you have items that you purchased randomly or impulsively and don’t love it or don’t ever use it…next time be more intentional before you buy. Don’t let guilt keep you from getting rid of excess clutter in your home.


I don’t know why we hoard these things, but seriously no one needs 4 spatulas and 3 slotted spoons. All the excess does is take up prime real estate in your kitchen drawers.


Every few months it’s a great idea to scan your pantry. Get rid of stale or expired foods. If you have something unopened that you know you’ll likely never get around to eating before it expires donate it to a local food pantry. While your here take inventory of what you have and make note of things you may need to replenish.


I say it all the time and I was really excited when I heard Elisabeth Elliot talking about having and ordered and simplified life/home. Every item in your home should have a “home” There should be a place for everything you choose to fill your spaces. If it doesn’t have a home then it needs to find one or you need to get rid of it. The ultimate goal would be that everyone in your home knows where things take up residence so that anyone in your home can tidy up and put things away. Even down to the paper clips. A place for everything and everything in its place!


For an instant declutter, start with your counters! It’ll get you excited and motivated just eliminating that visual clutter.


If you have a lot of items that only serve one purpose you may want to consider donating them…egg slicer? Apple slicer? A blender for this and a scooper for that. If you can only use an item for one specific thing, maybe consider how you can use something else in your stash that can fulfill that need. I honestly just use a good quality knife for all my slicing needs! I have one scoop that I use for cookies, ice cream, basically all my scooping needs…haha.

5 thoughts on “KITCHEN DECLUTTER

  1. Hi Bree! Just wanted to check in and see if you would be comfortable letting me follow you on IG? 😊 I had been a follower for a long while and took a break back in Oct-Nov, when I came back on I was blocked from your acct for some reason. 😟 I have always appreciated your page and would Love to follow you again! Blessings! Billie Blevins


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  2. Hi Bree!
    Great tips on decluttering the kitchen. Thanks for blogging!
    I am also wanting to follow up with a request to follow you on Instagram. I wasn’t technically following you because I find when I have to seek out the people I enjoy on Instagram, it helps me use the app less, but I was definitely checking your content daily and leaving comments and sending DMS. I just found your account this past autumn. I took a little break over Christmas too and when I came back found that your account was private, I did send a follow request, but it hasn’t been approved. My handle over there is yogagarden_sb. I would be so appreciative if you would accept it. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks so much Sara, I’ve been slowly filtering through all my requests. I have about 150 right now, haha. I will look for yours and approve! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and follow along ❤


  3. Oh my! That is so many requests! I guess that is what happens when you put out such great content and God has given you the knack for doing so! Thanks so much for being willing to look out for me in your follow requests!

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