Stocking feet, the reflection of Christmas lights in the windows, sipping hot coffee by candlelight. These are just some of my favorite things about winter. The smells, the coziness, the glowing lights. There really is so much beauty and warmth in what is otherwise a cold, gray time of year…or at least in the Northeast part of the US that is. Today I want to walk you through our home all decorated for Christmas. What you’ll find in our home is a lot of traditional Christmas colors, reds, greens, collected and handmade decorations. It’s collected, with a little vintage charm. I think my hand crocheted cabin stripes blanket adds a lot of cabiney vibes this year and I’m here for it. I love mixing textures and patterns and while I know my style isn’t for everyone we love it. And that is what home should be, a place of comfort and a place you and your family enjoy.

Living Room

I consider this room more of a sitting room. We call it our front room or front living room because it’s in the front of our house, haha. It is just a space that we like to sit down with no distractions, talk, play games, read, and just enjoy company together. The sun shines beautifully in this room during the day because it’s south facing and it’s just a quiet space to relax. Because this is our sitting room and a room we often congregate to it seemed fitting to display the tree in our large front window. This room also houses our wood-burning fireplace so that’s obviously the perfect place to hang some stockings and drape some garland over the mantle. In our family we like to decorate our tree eclectically. It is what I like to call a collected tree. Each year we let the boys pick a new ornament or two to put on our tree and if we traveled anywhere that year we like to get an ornament from the place that we visited. Over the years we’ve collected all different kinds of ornaments and I just love the vintage, eclectic feel of our tree. It feels warm, cozy and fun, and we can look at it and enjoy all of the memories that we’ve spent together as a family.

Dining Room

I like to keep this room very simple. It’s not a large space, and when I bring too much in here it feels crowded and overwhelming. I hung this wreath on the corner cabinet. I shared how I made that in this post HERE. I really enjoy bringing in natural elements especially this time of year. The smells of pine, cedar, and oranges just makes the season all the more delightful. I also have this beautiful centerpiece from my friends at Lynch Creek Farms. It’s become a tradition to get something from their shop each year. Again, it’s another way to bring outside in and really enjoy all the beauty and goodness of the winter season.

Family Room

This room is our back sun-room and it’s the space we hang out to watch a movie or the hallmark channel. I love the light in this space along with the high ceilings. I brought a little bit of Christmas in here with some glass trees on the coffee table and a few decorations on the book shelf on our little staircase. It’s simple and very minimal but it’s just enough in my opinion.

Thanks so much for stopping by our home for Christmas, I’m so thankful for you all.

Blessings and Merry Christmas


  1. I love seeing your Christmasy home decor! I think we are going to start the Christmas ornament tradition with our kids this year – as we were decorating our tree, I realized we have less special ornaments than I thought, and I’d like to let the kids pick some out and get more ornaments that are connected to memories. Though we have five kids, so our tree may get crowded quickly, ha!


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