As promised today on the blog I’m sharing a simple crochet dish cloth pattern. This one whips up in about 30 minutes. I love crocheting as I watch tv at night with my hubby, while I’m listening to a podcast or even while the kids read aloud to me. It keeps my hands busy, which I like. I think this would make a great Christmas gift for a family member or friend or even for a bridal gift, tucked inside a gift basket.

The material I used…

I used 100 percent cotton for these. If you’re making something you’ll be getting wet often and washing 100 percent cotton is really the way to go. I also like cotton because it can be used with heated items, like mugs and bowls…like a hot pad or coaster. These can be changed to make larger or smaller and if you want something more neutral you can eliminated the patter and just alternate across with the bobble for a textured dish cloth.

I used a 5mm crochet hook, scissors and a yarn needle to tuck in my ends.

This is an alternating pattern…

This is very repetitive so it’s simple enough for the beginner crocheter. I have included the written pattern below so that you are able to print it out and tuck it in your sewing/pattern binder or homemaker binder.



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