Okay, so Thanksgiving has officially passed us which means we can start talking about Christmas seriously now, right? Today we are going to talk about Christmas outfits ideas. Women on Instagram are frequently reaching out to me asking about modest outfit ideas. I’ll never pretend to be a fashion expert or even a fashion blogger for that matter. However, I do enjoying putting outfits together and I care very much about being modest in my attire so I’m always excited for an opportunity to put some outfits together to share with y’all. I thought it would be fun expand on that subject and chat about festive attire for those parties and get togethers you may be having in the coming weeks. This time of year is a chance to branch out and wear things you may not normally wear during the rest of the year. For instance I’m not much of a red person, but I love wearing bright reds, greens, and bolder colors during the holiday season. It just feels more festive and lively in my opinion. Staying true to me, I’ve thrown together 4 outfits using clothing I already had. The only new piece is a thrifted red skirt I have styled 4 ways. I recently found it specifically because I wanted something festive and very feminine for Christmas this year.

Classic Black and Red

My first outfit I went classic and simple, but simple doesn’t have to be boring! I love the black camisole and bright red skirt together and it can easily be layered, which is exactly what I did in the next picture with a simple little cropped cardigan.

Cozy and Fun

I absolutely love this fairisle sweater paired with this skirt. It gives off a vintage flare and it’s both cozy and feminine all at once.


For this outfit I decided it would be lovely to mix the red flowy skirt with a textured white crewneck sweater. It’s classic with the red and white and similar to the fairisle I think it feels very vintage.

Comfy in Stripes

Stripes are sort of my thing so this wouldn’t be an outfit round up unless I included an outfit with stripes. This is similar to the black top outfit, but a little more casual and super comfy! The skirt dresses up the t-shirt which makes it feel simple, but in a classic way and not a boring one.

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite and also if you tend to branch out more with your outfit choices this time of year like I do?

Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, blessings!



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