Hi, hello! I hope you’re well today, dear reader! Can you believe we are a week away from Thanksgiving? Are you ready to put on your stretchy pants and enjoy a delicious feast? I know I am. I am not cooking this year, I have the past couple of years, but this year I’m just in charge of a side dish and not an entire meal. I think I’m making green bean casserole with a twist. Any-hoo I didn’t really come on today to talk about food. I actually came on to share a simple DIY with you. I’ve been slowly decking my halls, have you started yet? I realized the other day my house looks very confused. It’s half Christmas and half fall decor, haha. Every year we around this time I dry oranges and eucalyptus then I put a wreath together. I love the classic simplicity of both and it feels festive, but also simple enough that I’m able to keep it up for most of the winter. I like to use an old basic faux pine wreath and then I just tuck in my oranges and eucalyptus.

What you will need

  • Faux or fresh wreath
  • Eucalyptus or other fresh greens | I’ve used berries and pine cones before as well. That always looks lovely. I opted to keep it very simple this year.
  • Dried oranges
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon for a bow. One with wire is preferred

Putting your wreath together.

I like to lay my wreath out on the table with everything I want to use near by. I like to begin by fluffing the base wreath and getting the greens where I want them to lay. You obviously have more control with a faux wreath than a fresh one. Then I just start tucking in my springs of flowers or in this case eucalyptus. You can use floral wire to secure these stems, I personally don’t ever really have to. By tucking in the stems they honestly stay pretty well on their own. If you’re hanging on a front door with heavy traffic you may find using the floral wire to be necessary because of the movement and bumping of the wreath. After that I start laying my oranges in clusters before attaching them. I like to get an idea of where I like them first. I personally like clusters of them, but you can spread yours out more, too. I just poke my floral wire right through the dried oranges and form a small grouping on one wire. I adjust them to where I like them and then wrap the wire around the wreath form to secure. Just repeat this until you’ve secured all of your oranges. I used string to tie up my wreath, but you can just place it on a wreath hanger. I like to add this red bow to mine because I think the pop of red with the orange and green is so pretty and festive.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!




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