I would not consider myself a minimalist by any means, both in my home and in my wardrobe. However, I would consider myself intentional, or at least I try to be. I certainly try to avoid excess, and having less means using what I already have, wasting less, and less for me to take care of. With that in mind I don’t have a capsule wardrobe per se, but I do think I have an intentional/curated  closet. I have also never officially put together a capsule wardrobe, so if this is all new to you as well we can learn together! 

I have been around Instagram and Pinterest long enough to know what a capsule is and the basics of putting one together…I think…

I know many people like to add to their seasonal capsules every year. Because I am on a budget this is not an option for me at the moment, nor do i have the desire to add more pieces to my closet. For these reasons, today I will be sharing my fall capsule using pieces I already own. For my capsule I really tried to stick with basics that I could easily mix and match into several different outfits. I think I was able to accomplish what I set out to do and I’m really excited to share what I came up with.


Step One: The key to establishing a capsule wardrobe is to start with a base. I think beginning with your bottoms is the best place to start. Keep it neutral. Most recommend either navy or black. Because I wanted to build a modest capsule I chose a black skirt, an olive skirt and a denim skirt. All three are neutral and go with just about everything. 

Step Two: Decide what your essential tops are. I think many would agree you can never go wrong with black, white, gray and chambray. I chose a white tee, a black mock neck tee, and a chambray top. 

Step Three: Next you’ll want to decide what colors you’d like to use as an accent to your base. I chose a deep purple and a rust orange. I added in a rust colored dress that is versatile and can be layered. 

Step Four: Add in pattern. I personally always reach for stripes. I decided to add in a mock neck striped long sleeve shirt that also pulled some of the that deep purple and a charcoal striped tee shirt. I also included a long light green dress for the simple fact that o love it and it makes me feel feminine and put together. It’s my bonus piece in my capsule, haha. 

Step Five: incorporate layering pieces. Now is a great time to add texture and bring in those accent colors. I chose my dark purple cardigan and my denim jacket. I also pulled my flannel shirt that sort of incorporates those darker purple/red colors. 

Finally add in any accessories and shoes. I’m not a huge accessory person, but I really do love adding a great pair of earrings or a necklace. Also I’m pretty minimal with my shoes. All of my outfits match well with either my low top white sneakers, my leather Mary Jane style clogs, or my black/brown booties.

Here are a few outfits I put together. I am sure there are so many more options I could have played around, but I am really loving these and can’t wait for cooler temps so I can start wearing sweaters and layering more.


Basics: Black Skirt [Mainstreet Exchange] || Olive Skirt [Mainstreet Exchange] || Denim Skirt [Thrifted] || Black Jeans [Target] || Grey Skirt [Thrifted]

Dresses: Brown Midi Dress [Free Assembly] || Smocked Maxi Dress [Amazon]

Tops: Striped Short Sleeve Tee [Target] || White Blouse [Old Navy] || Long Sleeve Striped Tee [Target] || Short Sleeve Sweater [Thrifted] || Flannel Shirt [Thrifted] || Mustard Tee [Free Assembly]

Denim Jacket [Target] || Plum Cardigan [Target] || Chambray Button Down Shirt [Thrifted] || Blue Sweater [Thrifted] || Brown Pullover [Free Assembly] || White Sweater [thrifted]

Accessories and Shoes: Black Earrings || Leopard Print Earrings || Bracelet and Necklace — all pieces are from Sela Designs

Neck Scarves – thrifted || Baseball Cap – Thrifted

Shoes – My go to fall shoes are definitely white sneakers, booties in black/brown and my mary jane style clogs.

Thanks so much for stopping by today I hope this post has inspired you to go through your closet and putting some fun fall outfits together with items you already have. My sweet friend, Liz over at The Quick Journey is also sharing her fall capsule today so be sure to head over there to see what outfits she’s put together!





  1. This is the most relatable post I’ve seen on capsule wardrobes— while being modest, and using what you already own via an intentionally curated closet. LOVE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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