Hi there, friends! I hope you’re well as you read this! Today on the blog I wanted to share a few tips and tidbits focusing on simple tasks that create a big impacts in our home. This morning I’m sharing 5 ways to instantly make your home feel cleaner….even if there are a few rogue dust bunnies in the corner or maybe a cobweb or two hanging from your ceiling no one will notice with these big impact tips! Some a quick tasks and some take a little more time, but I promise even just doing one of these your home will instantly feel tidier and cleaner!


  • Make Your Bed | I love making my bed each morning. It is such a simple and effective way to jump start my day and motivate me to keep moving. I think the bed gets overlooked a lot because people think “eh, no one will see it.” Which, yes, it’s something only you and your spouse see, but that doesn’t mean it is not important and it truly does instantly make a room feel fresher and tidier. If you want a big impact in a space that guests will see, tidy up your sofa and chairs…fluff the pillows and throw a blanket over the arm of the chair. Grab a lint roller and go over your sofa quick. These simple things will instantly make the room feel fresh and welcoming.
  • SOURCE – I get asked often about our bed. It is from a company called Wesley Allen. It truly is a statement piece. We have the Braden model. You can scan their catalog HERE and find a retailer near you!
  • Clear The Counters | I have said it before and I’ll say it again, horizontal surfaces gather clutter. No matter who you are, you could be the most organized person on this planet, you’re still going to have clutter accumulation sometimes and taking time each day to clear it away makes the biggest difference. A few ways I tackle this are:
    1. I have a basket that I keep for random things I find during my timed tidy. I literally toss everything in the basket. It can be a decorative basket, a laundry basket, a reusable grocery bag. It doesn’t really matter it just makes clean up easier. During my tidy anything that I find amiss that needs to be put back in its home goes in the bag and the boys and I work at putting all the things back throughout the house.
    2. Someone on Instagram asked about paper clutter. Honestly the biggest game changer for me was getting a file cabinet. It made me feel like such a grown up, haha. But truly having a proper place for all of our important papers makes a huge difference. I keep a basket on top so if I can’t get to filing in the moment I lay it on the basket and be sure to sort through once a week when I sit down to do bills. I also have a separate file box for all of the kids’ papers/homeschool things.
  • Slow Vacuum | Slow vacuuming is literally what it says. It is vacuuming slow. Once a week I take about 20 minutes to vacuum our sunroom wall to wall carpet. You would not believe how much fresher and cleaner a rug or carpeting can look after vacuuming slowly to get all of that dirt and dust that settles on the bottom.
  • SOURCE: My vacuum is from a company called Simplicty. I’ve had it for years and I love it!
  • Clean Your Windows | I think we tend to overlook this tedious jobs most often, but taking the time every couple months to give your windows a good washing will instantly make your whole entire home feel cleaner. There seriously is something so satisfying about having the sunshine in through sparkling clean windows. I like to use my norwex cloths to do this. It’s simple because I just clean them with water and the cloths give me a streak free shine.
  • Wash Dishes/Empty Kitchen Sink | Like counter clutter, our sinks always tend to have something in them. But if you’re looking for a simple way to instantly make your kitchen feel cleaner you can’t go wrong with washing the dishes and emptying the sink. If you have an extra minute scrub your sink down real good to make that sparkle too! I love using a simple homemade sink scrub using baking soda and lemon essential oil, I sprinkle it on and then squirt some dish soap on top and give the sink a quick scrub and it always cleans it up real nice!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! I hope these tips are helpful and they motivate you this morning to get moving and tidy up a space or two in your home!


9 thoughts on “TIDY TIPS AND TIDBITS

  1. I must say, I subscribed to your blog updates however long ago and I’d like to thank my inability to sleep for opening my email and finding this post. Definitely agree with the bed making tip, it’s where I start when I can’t “start” lol.

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