The Spirit of home,  stands at the doorways to compel those outside to enter into a place of life, comfort, rest, beauty.

— Sally Clarkson

Today on the blog I hope that I can encourage you and offer simple ways to keep your living room ready for guests any time as well as a place for your family to enjoy.. I hope that these tips help you in creating a space that is filled with life, comfort, rest and beauty!

One. | Utilize the 10 Minute Timed Tidy every single day. Simply set your timer for 10 minutes and do as much as you can in that time. I’m sure you’ll have time to spare! do things like fluffing the pillows, returning the throw blankets to their basket or home. Clear off horizontal clutter, etc. Also have a daily and weekly cleaning routine. I’ve shared a blank chart HERE.

Two. | Go vertical with your storage. Consider having a book shelf or cabinet to keep all of your most used items and decorative display pieces. I’ve talked many times before about horizontal surfaces being prone to clutter, but having a book shelf or cabinet for display and storage not only is pleasing to the eye, but reduces that lower eye level clutter.

Three. | Have a tray or basket for things like remotes, coasters, etc. It makes everything look put together and organized. It also makes it easier during your timed tidy. A home for everything and everything in its home.

Four. | Have baskets for blankets. Again it’s not only pleasing to the eye but it also makes clean up easier.

Five. | Use baskets or drawers for dvd or busier item storage. Having a ton of stuff piled up in the open creates clutter and can be overwhelming to look at. Be realistic with your storage needs and try to only keep what you have room for so that things aren’t overflowing.

Six. | Consider using less throw pillows. If your home is like my home, they just end up on the floor anyway. When things are feeling to busy I ditch a pillow or two and it instantly calms the room. Plus as my family always reminds me, if there’s no where to sit you have too many and you definitely want a place for your guests to comfortably sit!

Seven. | Get excess things off the floor. Having things all over the floor will instantly make a room feel cluttered and disorganized. Again having proper storage and only having the things you need and use are key.

As you can see these are just simple ways to keep up with your living space each and every day and helps to create rooms that are both lovely to look at and easy to care for and enjoy. Now for my final tip, if you’re ever in a pinch and it’s been A Day….we all have them…have a laundry basket handy and when you get a last minute call and this was the day you let your kids build a fort in the living room, you quickly throw all the excess in the basket and hide it in a room and deal with it after your guests leave 😉

Thanks for stopping by friends!




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