It’s taken me many years as a homemaker to finally find my own little rhythm, but now that I’ve finally found it, it literally feels like a big ole’ sigh of relief. To find your own little groove for your home and your family is essential to creating a relaxing and functional environment. While I’m no expert I do get many questions about how I do things around here so I thought I’d share a few tips with all of you. My routine may look very different from yours and thats 100% OK but for those of you just beginning to find your own rhythm or long to simplify your routine I hope you find these tips helpful.

Years ago when it was just my husband and I, both working full time our house never got very dirty, but we also were hardy ever home. We would usually take a Saturday or Sunday to clean the house together, do yard work, grocery shopping etc. It was fun for us to spend the time together doing simple tasks. Fast forward a few years and one baby I found myself home full time, which meant it was time for me to take charge as homemaker. I considered it my full time job to joyfully take care of our home. Since I was a young girl watching my mother, who stayed home and kept our house super tidy I longed to one day do the very same. I’ve tried different schedules here and there but nothing seemed to work for me and our home. Fast forward, again, now a mother to two little boys, and homeschool mama…I have settled into my own little groove, taking tips from different homemakers that I look up to and it’s truly is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, just a little bit every day. Keeping up with simple tasks daily to avoid falling behind.

Why, you ask am I so passionate about keeping my home neat and tidy? Because I truly believe it’s my job as homemaker to weave positivity and joy into the normal day to day tasks. Many of which may seem mundane and yucky. When I view these tasks with a joyful spirit and remember what a blessing it is to my family I feel encouraged to keep it up.

HAVE A PLAN | I have talked many times about having a routine in place. Having a plan is a huge help with staying on track. This is especially helpful for those of us [raises both hands] who can get easily side tracked. You can read all about my summer rhythm HERE

MAKE YOUR BED | I make our bed every single morning. This seriously is such a quick way to set the tone for your entire day. I’ve taught my boys to make their beds, and each morning after breakfast I say,” okay it’s bed making time” and we all go off into our rooms for two minutes to make our beds. I also wash our bedding once a week [on Mondays] I usually just wash and put them right back on so I don’t have to fold any sheets, haha.

TIMED TIDY | For those of you just getting started or maybe you’re looking for simple things to add to your homemaking tasks. Doing a timed tidy is a simple and quick way to get rooms in your home tidied up and looking fresh. This is a fun one to do with the kids. We usually do this when guests are coming last minute, before we leave the house and at night before bed. I especially like this for doing before we leave the house so that when we come home we aren’t coming home to a mess. After being out of the house for a few hours you want to come home to a relaxing peaceful environment, not something that looks like a tornado hit it. Just set your timer for 10-15 minutes and tidy what you can in that time. Music helps to get you motivated!

LAUNDRY EVERY DAY | This is not my strong suit. I am going to be completely honest with y’all I get behind on laundry more often than I would like to admit…but when I do stick to doing one full load per day it really does create less stress and headache. Starting a load first thing in the morning right after I make my bed is another great morning task to set the tone for the day.

HANDLE PAPER CLUTTER | This is huge! My best advice is to have a simple system in place. Choose a convenient area in your home to have a simple filing system and place to pay bills. In addition to that, be sure to sort through mail right away, recycling when can be recycled, file what needs filed, and have a place to safely keep bills until you’re ready to pay them. I open our mail every day and do everything necessary in the moment so important things aren’t lost or buried. Also have a day or two each week for paying bills. I like to balance our check book and pay our bills on the same day each week. It’s just become second nature now.

ONE TOUCH RULE | This is similar to how I handle paper clutter. The one touch rule in a nutshell is basically doing things in the moment rather than setting things down or making piles of random stuff. It seems like a no brainer, but horizontal surfaces are known to accumulate clutter and naturally we just seem to put stuff down and move it all around. Example in our old house we had a set of stairs and we’d always just plop stuff on the stairs to be taken up, except when we went up we would always forget it and more and more odds and ends would collect until someone finally remembered or we tripped over the stuff, haha. The one touch rule instead means when there’s something that needs to be put away you do it right in that moment, especially if it can be done in 90 seconds or less. The point is to touch items as few times as possible. I will add, you can’t organize clutter! So it’s really important to de clutter your home room by room and have a place for everything so that you can return everything to it’s place! You can read my post on eliminating clutter HERE

ON MEAL PLANNING | Some people love to meal plan…I am not some people. I actually loath it. I tried for many years to force myself to do it, but it just doesn’t work for me. Instead of meal planning I like to check my pantry and freezer items and stock up each week so that I have the basics on hand at all times to put meals together throughout the week. I do like to try new things from time to time so I will occasionally have to buy a few random ingredients, but for the most part we eat simply and basic. Like I said I do like to stock up, make sure I have basics on hand and have a loose plan of what we could eat that week and also prep what I can ahead [usually on a Sunday or Monday afternoon] Meal prepping to me works a lot better than meal planning and saves me time throughout the week.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! I hope today’s tidy up tuesday tips were helpful! Enjoy your day!


2 thoughts on “TIDY UP TUESDAY

  1. Definitely agree on making the bed. It just makes your room feel finished. I would also add opening the curtains but since it’s hot I tend to leave them closed to keep it cool.

    Paper clutter would be my worst thing and holding onto it for so long before I shred it.

    Great post!

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