Summer is for sipping lemonade, splashing in the pool, sitting awhile in the sunshine…everything just seems slower paced and more relaxed and I’m here for it. Technically we aren’t quite into summer time yet, but the boys have finished with school…so in our home summer has officially begun. Even though things are definitely more relaxed and slow I still like to have some sort of rhythm in place. Having a rhythm sets the tone for our day and keeps me from feeling frazzled It also sets a framework for our days and keeps the guess work out. I have found that not only do I thrive on having a rhythm, but my kids do as well. It provides consistency and simplicity to our days. I don’t plan down to specific little details, rather a basic outline so we know what to expect and what is expected of us for that day.

Every Day

6 AM | Mom wakes up + Bible reading

7 AM | Mom workout + Kids up + Breakfast – Mom does morning housework

9 AM | Family devotions + Read aloud, typing, and math review

10 AM | Outside play

11 AM | Lunch + clean up

12 PM | Play – Adventures

3 PM | Quiet time, kids read, Mom tidies

4 PM | Dinner prep + Mom listens to a sermon

5 PM | Dinner + clean up

6 – 9 PM | Family time, baths, read, bedtime

9 – 10 PM | Mom and Dad time

Daily Tasks


  • Chores | Wash Day – wash bed linens, catch up from the weekend
  • Lessons | Family devotions, reading, math review, piano practice, typing
  • Grocery | Stock up, market + dry goods store


  • Chores | Pay bills, file, emails, organize papers
  • Outside | Mow the lawn, plant care
  • Lessons | Family devotions, math review, reading, typing, practice piano


  • Chores | Clean bedrooms, organize drawers and closets
  • Lessons | Family devotions, math review, reading, typing, practice pianoE
  • Educational outing | Museum, library, nature hike
  • Piano lessons


  • Chores | Clean living areas
  • Lessons | Family devotions, math review, reading, typing, practice piano
  • Play | Meet up with friends


  • Chores | Clean kitchen and bathrooms
  • Lessons | Family devotions, math review, reading, typing, practice piano
  • Craft Day | craft project at home
  • Movie Night


Weekends are for rest, relaxations, church, time with family and planning for the week ahead

Do you have a summer rhythm? I’d love to hear how you’ve framed your days!


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