Today on the blog I’m going to share a little bit about how we document our homeschool activities each year. Some people call this documentation a homeschooling journal, others [including me] call it a homeschool portfolio. If you’ve never heard of these terms you likely live in a state where documentation is not required, though, I do know of some homeschool families that still keep a portfolio despite not having to keep one. Homeschool requirements and rules vary from state to state, so I suggest you contact your school district or research on your state’s education website to find our your rules and requirements where you live. Our state requires that we keep a portfolio to track our children’s progress through the year. States do this to ensure that children are learning and progressing. It seems intimidating and a little overwhelming, but honestly it’s not at all, and even if we weren’t required to do it, I still would. I actually enjoy looking back and seeing all the progress my children have made and it’s a fun way to keep their work and special projects.


I’m sure everyone constructs their’s differently because we all have different ways of documenting and assembling. But the basic things that need to be included are:

  • Reading Log
  • Attendance Log
  • Homeschool Affidavits
  • Curriculums Used
  • Sample work from all subjects to document progress

To make things simple and organized I created different prints to separate our portfolios. I’ve included my personal prints at the end of this post for you to print if you’d like. Ideas of sampled work would be things like, sample art projects, sample book reports, worksheets, maybe a few sample tests, special projects we did, something they may have been proud of, field trips or extra fun activities we may have done, and an overview of each subject [what we covered and an example of growth] You don’t have to go into crazy detail and share every last bit. Just a general overview with a good mix of work examples from throughout the year. For my children’s privacy I’m not going to share their personal work and portfolio, but I’ve included the sheets I use to organize our folder and I hope you find that helpful.

I like to have a cute little cover page on ours. Then on the inside I start with an all about me page, I let my boys fill it out with some fun facts about themselves. How old they are, favorite subject and hobby…things like that. Followed by our curriculum list, attendance log, and reading log. I also like to include a page for any extra activities or big/fun projects we did. After that I include a subject overview for each subject and then behind that include the work for that subject. I put the work in order based off when the child completed it, so that it’s from the start, middle, and the end of the year. I use that subject overview page as a way to separate everything and keep it organized.

Like I mentioned above it seems a little intimidating, but it really is so simple. I like to get my boys’ portfolio ready to go at the start of the year, that way it’s already together and all I have to do is add work throughout the year that I think should be included. At the end of the year all I really have to do is complete my overview pages.

I hope this was helpful to those who have been curious. Thanks so much for stopping by!



Homeschool Portfolio Prints HERE

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