Let Your Light Shine

Hi there, friends!! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? How have you been? Life lately has been busy, not busy bad…like in a stressful way. Busy good, as in full. filled with fun, time with friends and family, we’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine and nature and it’s rich and living giving. We’ve also been busy doing a few little odds and ends around the house. Well, technically not all little. My husband and I did refinish our wood floors in the dining room, living room, and hallway. That means all of the wood floors are officially done! It feels good to type that out because refinishing floors is a labor of love, and done always feels good!

I’m not talking about floors today, though. Today I’m sharing a simple project that I think makes a big impact in a room….lighting! Originally when we moved into this home our boys each had their own room. After a little while they both said they really wanted to share a room. My husband and I agreed that if they wanted to share a room we were all for it. It’s a great way for them to bond as brothers and they both sleep well and through the night without disturbing each other. There are many mornings I hear them giggling and playing before they even come out for breakfast. They also love reading to each other before they go to sleep and I hear little whispers of all the fun things they did that day as they drift off to sleep at night. It’s a blessing to witness the bond my boys have. They truly are best friends!

Because they were once separate and without bunk-beds their bedrooms as well as ours all have ceiling fans. We actually invested in Amish made ( a man from Ohio made them), solid wood bunk beds a little over a year ago. We love them, they can be separated and the quality is fantastic. We wanted to invest in a piece that would last for the long haul. They haven’t disappointed us yet. I of course being a Mama was worried about the ceiling fan being a hazard so we made sure it wasn’t able to be turned on, that way there were no accidents. Since we put the bunk beds in this room I’ve wanted to replace the fan with a school house style light! Now over a year later we are finally getting around to it!

A lovely company called Lamp Goods reached out to me about collaborating. They are a Christian company that sells vintage and vintage inspired lighting. They have so many beautiful options and a lot of unique pieces. They sent me a light fixture free of charge in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I of course flocked to the school house style! I ended up choosing this mushroom style fixture. It’s not vintage, but definitely appears to be. I love that it’s petite and fits this small room well. My husband installed it because he is the professional I just stood by for moral support, haha. He said it was easy to install and had all the pieces needed for proper installation. I also love that this light had a few fixture color options. Sometimes it’s hard to find a black fixture.. I love the matte black look especially against the white milk glass.

Lamp Goods was wonderful to work with, their customer service was so thoughtful and helpful. I love supporting small business when I can and knowing I’m supporting a Christian owned company is something I care very much about. I know I will definitely be purchasing from them the next time we need to update any lighting. Scroll down to see the light installed and the before and after.

So glad y’all stopped by today, Thanks so much, blessings!



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