Hello hello! It has been a little bit since I popped in here on the blog! How have you been? We have been busy enjoying the season. January always feels like the month that never ends, but looking back I can’t believe we are going into the second week of February already. We recently got a whole bunch of snow which has meant lots of tromping through the snow, snowman making, sledding, and lots and lots of laundry, haha. Because of the snow my husband had a week off of work. While it’s a bummer that he missed an entire week of work, it was nice to have him at home to enjoy the snow together and we were able to knock out a little painting project. Our sunroom was in desperate need of patching and painting. The ceiling was very badly cracked and there were so many holes and marks on the walls. Of course it sort of turned into a bigger project than it always seems it will be. The ceiling is vaulted and my husband didn’t have a tall enough ladder. Thankfully my father in law has scaffolding that he let us use. My husband stretching on his tip toes to spackle the ceiling was giving me heart palpitations. So I was thankful for the flat solid{ish} surface for him to work on. He was able to patch and paint the walls and now we are enjoying the freshly painted space! It’s amazing how much paint can freshen up a room.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with what I wanted to share today on the blog, haha. Today I wanted to chat a bit about productivity and 3 things I don’t do to stay on track and productive.


I started this after we started homeschooling our oldest son. I realized quickly that my cell phone had the ability to be a distraction. Whether it be random phone calls or text messages or a quick check of my email, etc. my phone was better off in another room from where we were doing our schoolwork. Occasionally I will grab it to snap a quick picture, but generally speaking I keep it in another room while we are doing lessons. Some time after implementing that rule I realized having it nearby while I was trying to get work done also had the ability to create a distraction. My current “rule” is that I leave it on the counter in the kitchen during the day. If I want to listen to a podcast or something while I’m cleaning I download a bunch of episodes and put it on airplane mode, then I just plug it into our speaker so that I can hear it while I’m cleaning. It’s crazy how a quick check can turn into a 15 minute “scroll” I try to limit my time on social media to about an hour total a day. I feel like this is a nice balance and I try to use it during times when the kids are sleeping or having their own quiet time. This allows me to be more present and also more productive.


I’ve said this many times before on this blog. I have never been a morning person. I love sleep…seriously LOVE sleep. It took me many years to train my body to wake up earlier. One huge aspect that helped me was not staying up late. I was definitely always a night owl which likely greatly contributed to my lack of morning motivation, but just like babies I had to sleep train myself. I’m not ashamed to say as a 33 year old that I have a sleep schedule and nighttime routine, and it’s made all the difference. I usually go to sleep around 10:00 – 10:15 pm and wake around 6:00 am. This gives me a good night’s sleep, and not sleeping in allows me quiet time in the morning to read my Bible, pray, drink my coffee while it is hot, enjoy the quiet of the morning, spend some time with my husband, help pack his lunch and have breakfast together….this time is seriously golden. It also allows me to get a few tasks done in the morning before the boys wake up.


I know this one sounds silly, I mean meal planning seems like such a productive thing to have in place. It just didn’t work for me…ever. I tried forcing myself over the years, I’d stay on track for a little, then fall off…then hop back on. It just does not work for me and my family. Now I do still have some level of planning in place, but I just don’t have a full menu planned for each day of the week. Even when I would do this, we never really stuck to our daily meals. I still try to do some prep work over the weekend. I’ll pull some meat out of the freezer on a Sunday to defrost for our meals that week. I also will prep things like ground beef or chicken thighs in the crockpot ahead so that I can pull it out for simple meals. I like to make eggs sandwiches ahead or bulk pancake batches for quick breakfasts, but I “prep” more than I plan and it’s so much more convenient for our family. I also like it because I will create different meals with what I have on hand. It’s helped me to use up what I have and waste a lot less.

I hope these few tips were helpful to you in some way. I’d love to hear about the things you don’t do that help you stay on track and be more productive. Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!



7 thoughts on “3 THINGS I STOPPED DOING

  1. I am with you!
    Meal prep is the way to go. I will now have my teens brown the ground beef and sometimes some ground sausage too. I try to prep veggies, but they don’t last long. 🙂 Sometimes we fill the big T’ware bowl with chopped lettuce and spinach and prep other salad fixin’s. This makes for a very quick lunch salad.
    I am like you, meal planning is just not effective for me. The only exception will be if I wan tot do something special.

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  2. The first one is something I definitely need to stop doing! I’ve realized I spend way too much time on my phone and not enough looking into my kids eyes! I answer their questions without looking up sometimes and that’s so awful to realize. My phones going on the counter until rest time today!


  3. I do meal plan, but only suppers (dinners/evening meals) and it’s fairly fluid. I plan at least 5 meals for the week and take out meat appropriately. As to what happens what day? Well, that gets moved around nearly every week.

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