Hello hello friends! I have something simple and sweet to share with you guys today. I thought I’d take you along on a little tidy up sesh. Awhile back I scored this pretty cabinet on FB marketplace. I can’t remember what I paid, but I do remember it was a great deal! I actually had another cabinet in this same space…I loved that cabinet, but it just never really went with any other pieces in my home. This one is way more my style and seems to work better for our needs. My plan for this cabinet from the moment it entered our home was to use it as an upstairs homeschool/craft cabinet. We have a school room which houses all of our everyday school necessities, but in all honesty we don’t do many craft projects or art studies down there. We much prefer our dining room table for those types of activities. This cabinet is situated *technically* in our living room but right next to our dining room table so a homeschool craft cabinet seemed like a logical use. Below is the before. It was kind of a mess, and definitely needed a little organizing and decluttering.


Obviously that’s just my personal opinion, haha. I do really think it is wonderfully helpful to have designated spaces for things in your home. It’s so convenient for everything to have a home and a home for everything. Crafts included. Which leads me to a few organizing tips.

No. 1 Have a designated home for like items. Rather than having random odds an ends scattered throughout your home. Gather your like items and find a place where they can be stored together. In this case we do have some pencils and a few other things in our school room, but the bulk of our supplies are now all stored right here. *not pictured is the construction paper I forgot about and brought up later*

No. 2 When organizing things, choose a location that’s convenient for those items. This obviously seems logical, but having items stored in easy to reach places really makes a difference. In this case we craft at the table right alongside this cabinet. This makes getting and putting away supplies so much easier.

No. 3 Be creative with your storage containers. I grabbed old jars, an enamel bowl and few other items to house little odds and ends. I think the clear ball jars with the paints in them in my favorite. Don’t worry about getting new organizers and bins.. Just use what you have. Make use of baskets, bowls, bins…whatever you have lying around. Just because things are behind doors doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty.

No. 4 Take mental note of your inventory. Spending some time tidying is also a great opportunity to take it a step further and actually take note of what you have in your craft stash and what you may need, or what you have excess of. If you have excess you don’t think you’re going to use, consider donating to a local school or friend/family. This would also make for a great time to be creative and use some of those excess items on a fun project with the kids. Taking this note will help you from adding items you don’t need to your newly organized space.

No. 5 Have some empty space. I’m not sure about y’all but I love me some empty space. To much clutter even in a closet or cabinet can make me feel a little bit frazzled. Personally I feel giddy when I can open a drawer and have it completely empty, haha…just me??

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! I hope this little post was helpful!



8 thoughts on “TIDY UP TUESDAY

  1. This is timely… I need to tidy up our craft cabinet in the worst kind of way! I love how you use pretty items for organization, like the enamel bowls, baskets, etc… That’s my favorite way to keep things too. I love classic serviceable, and utilitarian items that aren’t just to look at, but do a job!

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  2. Good morning,

    I have enjoyed seeing the neat and tidy pictures of your home. Your home is simply lovely. May I ask from where you purchased your curtains and shades? They really tie the room together so well. Your blog is so enjoyable to read.

    Thank you for sharing your homemaking joy with all of us!

    Mrs. Miller

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    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words! Our shades are from Hone Depot. We actually had to order them custom from their wall treatment department. We are very happy with them. The curtains in our living room, I sewed myself. I just used an old swag valance as a pattern. The other curtains in our dining room and bedroom are from Piper Classics


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