“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” 

Laura Ingalls Wilder

When it comes to homemaking, living simply doesn’t necessarily mean “simpler” As in you may not be creating less work for yourself… It’s more about creating a home of rest, of order, a place of nurture and peace, its saying no to more and yes to less. I believe it’s also about slowing down and enjoying the time we put into our homes. This make look like creating more meals from scratch, growing a garden, saying “no” to the newer and bigger and better gadgets, doing old fashioned things and doing them with care and love for your family. It’s leading a quiet life, minding your own affairs, and working with your hands.

Today I’m sharing a few very basic ways to incorporate simple old fashioned homemaking tasks into your routine.


Years ago I found two old rug beaters at a local antique store. I had intentions of recreating a gallery wall of rug beaters that I had been swooning over on Pinterest. I never did get around to growing my collection and ended up deciding just to use them rather than just display them on the wall. 

So once a week I get a nice arm workout by taking out my small scatter rugs and giving them some good whacks to loosen up any dust and dirt that may have accumulated. I still vacuum them, but that old fashioned routine is something I enjoy doing. 


I love me a good vacuum, I do! They really can be great machines for certain jobs. However, they can also seriously be a major pain. They are bulky you need different parts for different jobs and then the cord, oy vey. Always getting tangled up and — seriously sometimes I wonder if modern conveniences cause more stress than actual help. This is why I genuinely enjoy getting my broom and sweeping the floors in my kitchen and dining room, daily. It’s relaxing and definitely gives a feeling of accomplishment when it’s time to scoop everything up into the dust tray to throw away.


This is something I’ve been doing for years. I rarely ever make my bed upon waking. I like to pull the covers back and drape them over my footboard to air out. Just think of all that warmth and moisture that accumulates in your bed while you sleep..eek. This way you can air everything out, spritz it with some homemade linen spray (I love lavender) and I like opening the window a bit to get some fresh air moving in the room as well.


So I don’t actually have a line…I ask my husband every spring for one, but he’s yet to put one up for me. Honestly I don’t think he wants to have to mow around it. Instead I use these wooden drying racks. They are really handy because they fold up, and I can carry them outside when it’s warm to air dry our laundry and then in the winter I can use them inside by the fire or I set they by a window in the sunshine. Either way doing things the old fashioned way is such a simple way to slow down and savor the moments of homemaking. Doing my laundry this way also encourages and moves me to keep up with it doing a load each day to avoid getting overwhelmed.


I guess this is old fashioned, but also really practical…please tell me I’m not the only one constantly splashing dish water and food on herself? Basically an apron is a necessity for me unless I want to be spot treating a million stains all the time, haha. Sometimes I tie one on in the morning, forget about it and almost walk out of the house with it to run errands because it’s become such a part of my outfit…that or it’s just my mom brain.


I cook a lot of meals…breakfast lunch and dinner almost every single day. We usually only eat out once a week for a quick supper otherwise it’s me making the meals. I won’t pretend I prepare every single thing the old fashioned way, I take short cuts like frozen veggies and jarred sauces and canned beans, those types of things but generally speaking our meals are homemade. I love that I’m in control of the ingredients. I know what’s going into our food and I’m able to make sure I am providing the best meals I can with the resources I have. Sometimes it’s frustrating thinking of new meal ideas — and the clean up isn’t very much fun, but I genuinely enjoy serving my family and I find joy in doing those types of things for the ones I love. Another great addition to old fashioned homemaking is planning ahead/canning or preserving and preparing meals ahead for freezing.

To go one step further shop locally — I love shopping during the warmer months for fresh local produce and the boys love strolling the farmers markets and produce stands. Reach out to local farmers and butchers and co-ops too.


My dishwasher gets used often, I won’t pretend it doesn’t. But I have found myself enjoying soaking some dishes during the days. It’s relaxing in a way and I just pop on some of my favorite hymns or a podcast and the time flies by. Plus I actually love looking at the counter and seeing the dishes drying on the wooden rack. Call me sentimental or old fashioned but the slower things in life, the simple, often overlooked joys are something I try to savor. These are the fruits of the loving labor of homemaking and I’m thankful for this job that God has given me.

I hope this list encourages you to slow down a little and enjoy the simpler things in life. There really is so much beauty in homemaking and doing simple things with love and care. Thanks for stopping by today, friends!

Blessings and happy homemaking!



  1. Love all of these ideas and yes, it’s true…the simplest things like these do bring a smile to my face too. I was wondering….where did you find your wooden drying rack for laundry? It appears much larger than the standard size.

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  2. What do you use for cleaning dishes? I’ve been looking for a eco friendly replacement to the normal sponge.

    On Tue, Jan 12, 2021, 1:50 PM The Homemaking Momma wrote:

    > The Homemaking Momma posted: ” “I am beginning to learn that it is the > sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” Laura > Ingalls Wilder When it comes to homemaking, living simply doesn’t > necessarily mean “simpler” As in you may not be creating less wo” >

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  3. Here in New Zealand, hanging out the washing (laundry) is the expected and normal for us. There is something so nice about the smell of sun dried sheets and towels! I have a wooden ceiling hung rack above my washing machine too – that makes me feel a little more victorian! Love the bed spritz idea!

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  4. Something you said about simplifying gave me a thought… It truly seems like the more we adopt the latest and the greatest tech and inventions to make our life “simpler”, the more complicated and stressful life becomes. It is so true that doing the basic things that are considered old fashioned, like cooking from scratch and being intentional in our homes, bring such calm and joy! Great post, gorgeous images as usual!

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  5. Oh I love this post. Great ideas 😊. May I ask where you got your wooden dish rack? I have been wanting to replace my ugly plastic one, it’s just the reviews on amazon ones about them going moldy or not having spacing wide enough makes me hesitate.

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    1. This one is actually from amazon and I’ve had it for sooooo long. Like 8 years, probably. Same one, never a mold problem. We have Corelle so the plates are thin. Though our old thicker plates fit too. I would say give it a try. I’ve been happy with mine and I try to keep up with them through the day as we make them. So it doesn’t get overwhelming and over crowded 🙂


  6. I have a retractable clothes line…so awesome because I pull it out (one side on the house, the other on the apple tree!) And then back into it’s neat little circle it goes so no snagging your head on it when mowing the yard! Two screws and a hook, that’s it!

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  7. Very much enjoyed this. You pointed out wonderful ways to look at such normal, everyday activities and I look forward to trying to change some of my perspective on how I view ordinary tasks!


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