From the moment I saw this bathroom I had a love hate relationship with it. A part of me really loves the old blue tile and mosaic floor. I love the vintage aesthetic it adds to our home that honestly doesn’t have a lot of natural character. So it’s a nice little surprise when you walk into it. It doesn’t hurt that the tile is in really lovely shape especially for as old as it is. The not so appealing part is the wallpaper. I know wallpaper is coming back and don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some gorgeous wallpapered rooms and I can appreciate them, but once you remove wallpaper I feel as though your outlook on it changes. After stripping, and scraping, and scrubbing 4 other rooms I wouldn’t mind if I never saw another piece of wallpaper again. You may look at the top two pictures and think, “oh thats not so bad”…but what I didn’t photograph was the seashell border thats been peeling off since we moved in at the top, oy vey! So you can imagine my excitement 2 weeks ago when I asked my husband if I [meaning we] could just remove the wallpaper and paint the room and his response was “yes”

I should have known better thinking it would just be some “simple” wallpaper removal. So far all of our home projects usually begin as just that… a “simple” project, nothing huge and then before you know it we are waist deep into a complete fixture upper situation, haha. We did hit a little snag, however, it ended up working out and this won’t be a complete demo, at least not yet. Our hope is to eventually rip out all the tile, replace it when new hexagon tile on the floors and likely square tiles on the walls. We also will replace the bathtub, bath fixtures, and vanity.

Let’s talk about what we’ve done and what we plan on doing.

  • We removed all the wallpaper and border
  • We had to spray down the walls and scrape off all of the paper backing from the wallpaper
  • We had to then spray the walls again with a solution to remove the glue and remaining paper
  • Next we sponged the walls really well to get any remaining residue off
  • We took down the large wall mounted mirror — we found a nice little surprise behind it 😉

We were a little concerned that my husband would have to repair the old plaster by sanding the walls [which I wanted to avoid at all costs] such a mess! Priming with an oil based primer, followed by patching and then finally painting. Because of the possibility of having to replace all of the plaster walls with new drywall when we do finally remove all the wall tiles we really didn’t wanted to spend a lot of time and money on something that will likely be removed in a few years anyway.

Thankfully no sanding was needed, but he did coat the walls with three layers of joint compound to even them out and patch them up.

  • My husband also tore out the old lighting above the mirror it was awful and I was so happy to see it gone.
  • He fished the wire, patch the old hole and made a new hole for the new vanity lighting. I purchased a fixture at Lowes for only $25 and sort of splurged on two glass shades from Schoolhouse. It was hard to swallow the price tag because I don’t normally splurge like that, but I did get 30% off and used money I received for a Christmas gift. I’m so excited for them to come and to get the new light up.
  • Our plan is to install the mirror back onto the wall and my husband is going to frame it out for me to spruce it up a little bit.
  • I am going to give the vanity a fresh coat of paint and replace the drawer pulls.
  • We are still debating if we want to replace the faucet. The old one is old and cheap looking, I would love to replace it if we can fit it into the budget.
  • We are going to paint the walls the same color as our living room, natural choice from Sherwin Williams [we already have plenty leftover] and the the trim will get a fresh coat of white.

I’m going to share the two faucets I’m mulling over, let me know in the comments which you like better!

I’m excited to see and share how the whole project turns out. I am hoping it’ll be updated enough to make it feel fresh and a little modernized, but still keeping with the vintage charm.

You can see a past bathroom post HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends!




  1. Hi! Lovely home. I like either of your faucet choices, but I will say that Delta is known for poor quality and Moen is known for better quality. (I just learned this from my uncle who is a plumber!) For fewer issues with leaks and drips, I would definitely go with a Moen brand product. Just my two cents; hope that helps!

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  2. Lovely! I really like the more vintage look tap. I’ve been quietly reading your blog for a while, just so encouraged by your example, your love for your family and your home and esp your love for the Lord. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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