Hello dear friends!

I’m sitting here cozied up with my favorite blanket, a cup of steaming coffee, listening to the sound of the snow tapping the window as it falls, the bare branches of the trees dancing in the wind. Winer can feel long and gloomy, but there is always beauty and purpose to be found in it.

Genesis 8:22 says — While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease. Isn’t that such a beautiful promise?

I’ve been singing this song a lot as I think of what this new year may hold,

As we go forth, our God and Father Lead us daily in the fight That all the world might see Your glory And Your Name be lifted high And in this Name we overcome For You shall see us safely home Now as your church, we lift our voice and pray: ‘Father, not my will but Yours be done!’ — City Alight

Saints, may we seek His kingdom first!

Reading | Susie by Ray Rhodes Jr. — This is my first official read for 2021 and I’m about half way through already. I have enjoyed it so much so far. It’s a quick read and incredibly heart warming. Susie was definitely a godly woman to be admired. She was steadfast and prayerful and dedicated to her Lord and her family. I have loved getting to know her more and find her to be so inspirational.

Demoing | The bathroom…what a mess, haha. I suppose I can really only blame myself for getting us into the mess that currently resides in our bathroom. I thought what would be a simple wallpaper removal project has opened a giant can of worms. I think it looks worse than it is…but it’s still not good. Thankfully my husband is a carpenter and has made his career building and remodeling homes, so our bathroom is in good hands. It’s just a lot more work than either of us anticipated.

Watching | YouTube videos — I don’t usually watch very much on the TV but with the cold blistery days we’ve been having I’ve found myself snuggled up a little more than usual and I’ve been watching old Q&As from RC Sproul and John MacArthur. I love hearing them discuss theology and doctrine and I always find the Q&As to be insightful and edifying.

Listening | I’m currently listening to a series on Colossians from John MacArthur. I believe the sermon series is all the way back from 1976. You can find it on the Grace to You app or on the website. I’ll link the website HERE

Singing | My new playlist that I made for January. I’ve linked it HERE for you

Tidying | All the things. But mostly I’ve been trying to declutter a bit and clean out some drawers here and there. It’s always refreshing to clear out the old and unused and start fresh in the new year, don’t you think?

Cooking | Lots of comfort foods, as I type this I have a pork lion roasting in the oven and it smells delicious. We’ve been eating lots of roasts and chicken thighs with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables. I love all the comfort food in the cold wintery months.

Praying | Praying for the Lord to lead me and guide me especially as I teach and raise our boys. Reading Susie and how she mothered her boys and her dedication to her husband has been so convicting to me.

Studying | I just started my One Year Bible — to read the bible in a year. It is broken up into sections for each day. I usually read this with the boys for our daily family devotions. I’m also going to be reading the Bible chronologically. Right now I’m studying Job. The book of Job is such a beautiful testimony of true saving faith and a reminder that God is always good, even when there are moments in our lives that are hard, painful and filled with sorrow…God does not change and He is still good and faithful and we are called to trust Him in all things.

Thank you for stopping by today, blessings and I hope you have a lovely week!



  1. Thank you so much! The link for playlist isn’t working 😦

    On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 9:51 AM The Homemaking Momma wrote:

    > The Homemaking Momma posted: ” Hello dear friends! I’m sitting here cozied > up with my favorite blanket, a cup of steaming coffee, listening to the > sound of the snow tapping the window as it falls, the bare branches of the > trees dancing in the wind. Winer can feel long ” >


  2. Amen friend, so thankful for a Father who never changes and who is so, so gooood!
    I am committed to reading the whole Bible this year at least a couple times. I’m doing a 3 month plan, it is about 10-15 chapters a day. It’s a lot, but I’m looking at it as a replacement for the time I used to spend on social media, and when I look at it that way, it doesn’t seem like too much. I’m interested to see your bathroom project! Will you share it here? Have a great week! ~Hope


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