No one really enjoys scrubbing bathrooms and toilets, right? While we may not overly enjoy doing it, the end result of a fresh sparkling bathroom is very satisfying. It’s also a space in your home you don’t want to put off or skip doing. Even if I’m running out of steam and I’m limited on time, I will never skip the bathroom, that takes priority. Let’s face it, nothing is more embarrassing than having a guest pop over and not having a clean bathroom for them to use. Today I’m sharing a basic checklist to keep your bathroom in tip top shape. I’m sharing daily tasks so that it’s always ready for guests as well as weekly tasks for a deeper more thorough cleaning.

  • Daily Checklist
    • Wipe down counters and rinse out the sink
    • Pick up dirty clothes and towels off the floor
    • Hang bath mat to dry
    • Rinse the shower/tub
    • Wipe mirror if needed
  • Weekly Checklist
    • Empty trash
    • Clear off vanity and surfaces. Wipe everything
    • Wipe down the faucets and other fixtures
    • Clean/scrub bath and shower
    • Scrub and clean toilet
    • Wipe down ledges, windowsills, walls if needed
    • Wipe light switches and doorknobs
    • Sanitize your tooth brushers – clean/wipe down any holders and dispensers
    • Clean mirrors
    • Wash bath mat
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Take time to wash any other linens and fabrics as needed

Tidy tip – when you get a call and someone is stopping in last minute I quick do a once over in the bathroom and get my diffuser going. Orange or lemon is always nice and fresh smelling. But I personally love something sweet like vanilla or peppermint + vanilla.

My favorite products to use in the bathroom:

  • Norwex cloths + cleaning paste – I love this for my grout and fixtures. I think technically they say it could scratch chrome, but I’m never experienced this.
  • I also use cheap microfiber cloths for general cleaning and wiping down of things.
  • Force of Nature spray – great for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Baking soda – works great in toilets
  • Bon Ami – another natural cleaning option
  • Sal Suds – I use this to scrub my toilet as well – Also works great to give the shower/tub a good scrub down.
  • Peroxide for soaking toothbrushes
  • Thieves Cleaner

Thanks for stopping in today, friends!




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