Hello and good morning. It a frosty morning here. I hope your first week of December has been festive and bright! If you’ve checked in lately here on the blog then you know we’ve been busy crafting, baking, and cooking all the comfort foods. The halls have been decked. The cozy corners created. Today we are going to step away from the baking and crafting and we’re going to simply stroll through pictures of our home decorated for Christmas.

Before we move on with the tour I just want to take a quick moment to thank you so much for taking the time to visit this little home I’ve made here. I am so thankful for all of my readers. I want you to know that your support means so much to me.

I like to keep things simple when it comes to decor. I love winter decorations, the trees and garlands and little trinkets here and there make everything inside feel so cozy, especially when everything feels so bare and gray outside, but with all the extra decorations my brain can start to feel over stimulated. So I like to keep things festive but not overdone, if that makes sense.

This is the second year now that I’ve gotten a live wreath for our home from Lynch Creek Farm. There’s something so lovely about walking through the front door to the smell of fresh greenery. This wreath is exceptional. It’s the perfect touch to out entry way and the only downside is it won’t last all year!

I strive for coziness, but this is especially true during the winter months. I love using various textures to warm our rooms up and help to make corners and nooks cozy and inviting.

This little bell tends to make it it’s way off of the tree pretty often…There may be two little boys behind the disappearing bell 😉 If I’m being honest, though, I love hearing the tinkle of it as they play.

We decorate one tree and we mainly use all family ornaments. I figure one day when my boys are grown and have families of their own, I can give them their ornaments as keepsakes. Then I’ll have my chance to decorate my tree with all the pretty glass do-dads and christmas balls. For now, I’m grateful for the fabric birds, farm animals, donuts, and dinosaurs. Nothing says cozy quite like a twinkling tree filled with family ornaments, in my opinion.

We love doing big jigsaw puzzles. I usually stick to themed ones. We have a few Christmas/winter ones what we pull out each year to work on. We keep it on the table and when you walk by you and throw a piece or two on. It one of my favorite little traditions.

I let the boys do the bulk of the decorating so we have a lot of little clusters of ornaments, haha. At first it took a lot of self control not to sweep in and rearrange, but they were so proud of their decorating, I’ve been good and have’t touched it, haha!

Thank you for dropping in today. My friend Liz and I have teamed up for a little “blog hop” of sorts. I’d love if you stopped by her blog today. Liz is a kindred spirit and I just know you’ll love her home and leave her blog feeling inspired. I’ve linked her blog below for you!

The Quick Journey

8 thoughts on “HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

      1. I really appreciate the effort people take to share their decorating…its a bright spot in the world right now.


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