Hey there, friends!! I am so glad you’re here today! Today I have joined some fellow blogging friends for a little roundup of our Christmas DIYs! If you’re following the loop and coming from Abbie’s blog, Gal Down The Road, welcome and welcome to everyone else, too! Grab your favorite cup of something warm and get cozy!

I love crafting things. There is something to fun about creating things with your own two hands. I tend to be a “wing it” sort of crafter, I like to figure things out as a I go along. Every year it never fails, I get the itch around fall/winter to cozy up and get crafting. I decided for this little blog hop to share a few of my favorite projects from years past and a few I’ve been working on this year. Are you a lover of crafting? What have to made this year and are your a careful planner or a wing it girl like me!? Let me know in the comments!


This was this years newest little craft and I shared all about it in this post HERE

those little felt candles are seriously the cutest. I love how they look non our mini tree with the colorful poms!


This is such a sweet little craft. I shared all about it HERE


I have a previous blog post that explains my drying process. you can read it HERE

I love drying oranges every year. You can tuck them in garlands, use them as ornaments, place them on wreaths! So many options and that orange with the green is just so pretty!


This was one of my favorite little craft projects. I shared my process in a blog post a few years back. You can read that HERE

Last year my boys and I made paper bag stars for the first time. We actually made them in January after all the Christmas decorations were put away. You know that time when everything feels sort of empty and bare? These were the perfect addition. This year I thought they’d be great in our sunroom. I am loving seeing the afternoon sun shine through the windows and through the little cut outs of the stars!


what you will need:

8 paper bags you can use brown or white and varying sizes

hot glue gun

craft string or ribbon

how you’ll make them:

Lay your first bag with the bottom flap on top. You’re going to glue down the center of the bag starting at the top moving down to the bottom of the bag and across the bottom. Like an upside down T. Lay your second bag on top going in the same direction. Keep gluing and stacking this way until you’ve glued your last bag. To get the design you’re going to cut on the angle on either side of the bag. I have marked and shown below what that looks like on the bag. To get the cut outs you can cut a half circle on either side of your stack about 2/3 of the way down from the top. It’s going to be thick to cut through, so be sure to have a good pair of scissors. Once you’ve glued your last bag you’re going to glue down the center and place your string or ribbon. I like to fold a long piece in half and place the looped part at the bottom. Once you’ve adhered your ribbon you’re going to glue over top the ribbon and make your upside down T shape again then open your star like an accordion and press the each end piece together.


Another winter favorite. These’s nothing quite like a simmer pot. We don’t use plug ins and I don’t burn candles, besides our beeswax ones. I love using simmer pots to add a warm and inviting scent to our home, especially when we are expecting guests!

what you will need

a handful of cranberries | a few cinnamon sticks  | a couple of whole cloves  | a few sprigs of fresh rosemary  orange peels or slices —- fill your pot with water and place on the stove top [you could use a small crock pot as well] fill your pot with everything and set on low and before you know it your home will be filled with sweet smelling goodness! Just be sure not to leave it unattended!

You could also make this into a sweet little gift. Fill a mason jar with a whole orange, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and rosemary. Tie a string/pretty bow with instructions and place a lid on to give to friends/family

Thank you for stopping by the blog today, friends! Be sure to head to Emily’s blog next at Emily’s Project List!



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