A fun little fact you may not know about me… After I had my first son and became a stay at home mom I had the biggest itch to craft all the time. My little hobby had me making custom pieces for friends and family. It kept me busy during nap time and filled that creative urge I had. It’s funny I remember my mom being the same way when I was little, especially around the holiday times. I remember one year she made these cute angel ornaments and sent them into a talk show, and they featured her ornaments on their Christmas tree. They even gave her a little shout out! So really it’s no surprise I got the love of crafting from my mom. My creative juices always seem to flow a lot faster around the holiday time and now it’s turned into a tradition that the boys and I do together. Each year we make a few handmade ornaments for our tree. This year may be my favorites yet!

I have a love of felted/fabric ornaments and these are so simple and I love the way they turned out. I was talking to my friend Jennifer and she suggested a craft project for our Advent Study we created together. She came up with the idea for felt candles. After scanning Pinterest I saw a lot of flat ones, but I really wanted something more three dimensional like my fabric trees and the star garland I made. I gathered some inspiration and came up with these. I saw a super cute one with a little clothes pin clip at the base to clip on a tree, but I wanted something really simple and opted to use craft string instead. I’m really happy with how they turned out!


Fabric glue or a hot glue gun. You could use needle and thread too.

White felt, dark and light orange felt

Cotton craft string


Cut your string to desired length. I wanted to use these on our small tree my string was about 12 inches long — fold in half to create a loop.

Cut out the body of your candle. I chose white but you can do any color you’d like. Again depending on the size you want these measurements can vary. My rectangle was about 3 inches wide and 5.5 ish inches long. I didn’t take precise measurements.

Cut out two larger flame pieces in the bright orange. I told my felt in half so that I cut them both out at the same time. This way they are the same size.
Cut out your smaller flame piece in the dark orange. It doesn’t have to be perfect I just free handed it.

Place your rectangle down and run glue along one of the shorter edges. your looped string down on top of the glue and start rolling. When you get to the end run another bead of glue along that edge to secure.

Now take your bright orange (larger) flame piece and lay it down. Cover it in glue and place your candle on top. Place it just above the body of the candle. Add more glue if needed and place your bright orange flame piece (larger pieces) on top to secure. Dab on some glue and secure the smaller flame piece.

Isn’t that so easy?I love how they turned out + It’s a great project to do with your kiddos, just be careful if you are using hot glue. I had my boys help roll them and cut the strings!

Linking the felt sheets I use here

After I hung them on our little tree, it still needed a little something. I had some wool felted balls (linked here) and strung them on some string and added a few of the felt stars that I made in the star garland I shared above.

Happy Crafting Friends!

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