What is morning time?

I get asked this question often over on Instagram. Morning Time or Morning Basket is honestly my favorite part of our day. The time together is rich and meaningful. Filling our morning with gentle things, beautiful things, truthful things. It’s a time of calmness and it holds memories I’ll cherish forever.

Morning time is a way to add purpose to your morning routine with your children. It is a gentle way to come together as a family and ease into your day. It is also a simple and efficient way to cover various subjects and topics with your all of your children. Morning time and morning basket is meant to encourage togetherness, relationships, and beauty in your day.

Do I really need an actual basket? — No, you definitely do not need a basket and there are some items we use that I don’t keep in our basket. However, the basket is just really convenient because it keeps everything at arms reach and makes it easily accessible.

Family Bible study time and catechism — We begin our morning by reading scripture aloud. We will also have a discussion time and use our Truth and Grace memory books from Founders Ministries. Right now we’ve also been reading a page or two from The Ology book. I like to use this time to talk about theology, character building activities, church history and memory work just to name a few.

Prayer and worship time — We use this time in the morning to pray together as a family for our day and for loved ones. We also sing a hymn or two

Poetry reading and memorization — Morning time together is a great time to work on other memory work such as poetry and study famous poets. You can use this time for flash cards or memory games.

Read aloud — This is a great time to read aloud together as a family. Sometimes we have themes and we will read picture books from the library that correspond with that theme. We also use this time for our chapter book reading. Following read aloud I have each of my boys read to me individually. We read aloud last before we head into our bookwork.

Art and Music Appreciation — We use this time to practice the piano, sing, study different composers. We don’t study music or composers all the time, but if it is something I want to incorporate I would at this time. My boys love starting the day with a fun art project so I use this time to study an artist and complete an art project, again this is not something we necessarily do every day, but morning time would be the more convenient and efficient way for me to do this with both of my boys.

Other things we have incorporated into our morning basket — History lessons, Geography lessons, Nature study, Science lessons, Spelling practice, Penmanship just to name a few. Learning another language would also be a great activity to add into your morning time.

How long? — This really depends on the family and your preference. Some people use a good part of their morning others only spend and hour or so. Depending on what our week looks like if I’m incorporating particular subjects etc, we normally spend about an hour to an hour and half completing all of our morning time activities.

The beauty of morning basket is that you are beginning your day with the ones you love most in a meaningful and gentle way. You can create it to fit your family’s needs and use it to focus on what interests your family.

I hope this breakdown was helpful and encourages you to incorporate morning time into your daily rhythm!


Bree ❤

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