Reading with my boys is probably my favorite part of the day. On these long winter days we find ourselves wandering back to my bedroom and cuddling up in the coziness of the bed. Trying to catch the sunlight streaming in, like cozy cats sunbathing on the windowsill. Our school days have been filled with birds and ocean exploring and we’ve been learning about the American Revolution and George Washington. We are currently learning about the 5th day if creation, birds and ocean animals, in our science curriculum so I’ve centered much of our book list around that theme. Since it is February I can’t forget about Valentine’s Day so I’ve included a few little favorites that correspond a little with that. We have also been working on our creative writing, paragraphs, and report writing skills. We just finished writing short reports about various animals and now we are moving on to our first biography piece on George Washington.

Below I have our February Book Basket List. I’ve also included another playlist for y’all. I wanted something that had more old hymns on it, so I brainstormed some of my all times faves and boy, is it speaking life and joy to my soul. I hope you enjoy it!

Revolutionary War on Wednesday – a fun little read aloud. My boys love this series!

My Little Golden Book About George Washington // A Picture Book of George Washington – I haven’t seen these yet, I am still waiting for them to arrive at my library for pickup.

You Belong Here – we adore this book. Just a sweet story and I thought perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Over and Under the Pond – another favorite – we also love Up and Down in the Garden

Bunny Roo I Love You – I just love Teagan White’s illustrations. This book is super sweet!

Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse – my boys love the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series no this is a no brainer! They also love the free show they have on prime. Have you watched that?

Birds and Their Feathers – This book is definitely one for the home library collection. We borrowed it from our local library but I definitely want a copy for ourselves!

Fish Everywhere – This book is wonderful too, it by the same author as the Birds and Their Feathers book!

Ocean A Peek Through Picture Book – This one is for my younger son, he enjoys the pictures a lot more than my 8 year old.

Love From the Very Hungry Caterpillar – also for my 5 year old! He loves Eric Carl

Little Kids First Big Book of Birds – National Geographic – We love these books we have a few of our own and my kids love looking through them and reading about all of their favorite animals!

First Big Book of the Ocean – Another good one from National Geographic

The Snail and the Whale – this is one of our absolute favorites, the story is sweet and I just love the illustrations!

The Big Book of the Blue – we really like these books as well, the illustrations are sweet and it gives littles facts about the different animals.

Animalium – another great addition to your home library.

Victory in Jesus Playlist





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