If there was a fan club for bath and body works 5-6 years ago I probably could have been the president. Just give me all the warm vanilla sugar, right!? Hand soap, lotion, antibacterial gel, candles…all the things! 

It was while I was pregnant with my second son that I really started looking into ingredients and products and realizing that many of want is sold to us isn’t actually good for us. It may be safe in the sense that we won’t keel over with one squirt of warm vanilla sugar hand soap, but over time that constant exposure does react with our bodies and could cause negative side effects. 

This realization led me to trying to find safer alternatives for my children and my home. It’s been a long journey. It takes time and research and dedication. I still have a lot to learn and there are still products that I use that aren’t technically that good for me…like most of my make up 😬 but I do believe every little bit counts and slowly switching where we can makes a difference. All that to say that this research eventually brought me here today where I only use this quick and simple 2 ingredient recipe for foaming hand soap. 

Does it smell like warm vanilla sugar…no…but it does the trick and it’s inexpensive to make, and you could certainly add essential oils if you’re looking for added benefits and a certain fragrance. 

If you’re also looking for a safer more cost effective alternative for your family than I think this recipe is for you! 


Grab your foaming bottle. I’ve just been reusing this one from Doterra that I had gotten a while back. You can find them online on Amazon like this one here. Or just reuse one you already have.

I fill the bottom of my bottle about 1/4 of the way full with Dr. Bronners.
Then I fill the remainder with distilled water.

If you’d like some added moisturizer to your soap add in a tsp of vitamin e oil, and of course any essential oils you’d like to include is optional as well.

I like the citrus scent in this Dr. Bronners and it works for me, but I will occasionally add some thieves essential oil into mine. 

Give it a little shake and that’s it…simple right?




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