I’ve had many people reach out to me recently through my blog and through Instagram that they have appreciated me sharing my thoughts on homemaking, my process and any little bits of encouragement I may share along the way. First, those words are such a blessing to me. My hope when sharing is always to encourage other homemakers, wherever you are on your journey and whatever your circumstances I want you to feel inspired here. Being encouraged by y’all that you find my posts helpful and inspiring brings me joy and I’m so thankful for this community we are building. I’ve also had people express that no one ever taught them how to “keep” home. There wasn’t anyone in their lives to teach them the basics. So today we begin a new journey, back to the basics of homemaking. Here we will lay the foundation of homemaking. Hopefully learn tips and tricks along the way and encourage and motivate each other to make our homes a haven for all that live in it. As well as learn basic skills that you’ll need to know to embrace simple old fashioned homemaking.

To begin, I think we can all agree that homemaking today in the year 2020 doesn’t look much like it did let’s say 50 years ago and definitely not what it looked like 100 years ago. Today we have endless amounts of technology to help us throughout our days…or at least we are told it’s meant to help make our every day simpler and more efficient. But, I’m here to tell you, you don’t need fancy gadgets and smart technology to be an efficient homemaker. You just need your hands and a heart for homemaking.

If you haven’t read this post on creating a successful morning routine or this post about the joyful art of homemaking, I’d like to begin here. I believe through the ages successful homemakers have had a plan. I find it super helpful to have a general idea of what needs to be done daily, what I’d like to accomplish daily, breaking up my cleaning schedule to focus on specific rooms. Having a general idea of meals I’d like to prepare. Being sure to stock the fridge with healthy options, keeping up with laundry… Having a plan is the foundation to stay on track and be successful. I personally have a really hard time focusing. I can get easily distracted, so having a list that I can check off motivates me to stick to it. So your job this week is to create a list of things you NEED to accomplish and things you would LIKE to accomplish each day of the week. You can see my cleaning schedule here. But, I’m not just talking about cleaning. Homemaking is more than cleaning. It’s organizing, it’s cooking, its laundry, mending clothing, possibly fixing things around the house, it’s managing money and paying bills, if you’re married it means taking care of spouses and children if you have them, and in the coming weeks and months we are going to be covering all of these things.

Are you excited? I am!!



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