I’ve talked a lot on Instagram about Morning Baskets and Morning Routines, but I don’t think I’ve really focused enough attention on those subjects here on the blog. Well today we are going to change that. I’ve gotten asked many times recently how I start my day, how I make it meaningful, intentional and successful. My hope is to share some ideas that may encourage you to make your mornings successful and meaningful.

I think it’s really important to begin with these thoughts; Your morning rhythm doesn’t have to look like mine. We are all individuals with different needs and intentions for our day. With that in mind my first piece of advice is to spend some quiet time alone to determine what you’d like to accomplish each morning. What things do you already have in place that are working well for you and what areas do you need to work on or would like to see growth and change?

Make a Plan + Keep it Simple

I sort of have a thing for lists, so it’s obvious I would start here. There’s just something about putting pen to paper that makes me want to accomplish things. So my first encouragement and thought for you is to sit down and make a plan. Decide what you’d like to accomplish during your morning time. What things take priority? This will look different for everyone. For me I have a few top priority items…quiet time for spiritual growth and a few homemaking tasks. For some of you you may like to workout in the morning or maybe you like to make a homemade breakfast each morning. Whatever it is, write your plan down…Oh and keep it simple. This is not meant to feel overwhelming. It’s meant to create a morning filled with joy and intention.

Be Consistent

This just so happens to be my “word” for 2020. Consistency is essential in creating a successful morning rhythm. For example I am not a morning person. Like literally not at all, since my school days…my mom literally pulling me out of bed, haha…but I’ve learned over the years as a stay at home mom and homemaker the importance of getting up before my children. That means I had to make a getting up early a habit, whether I like it or not. I read somewhere awhile back that it takes 21 days to make something a habit. So my suggestion for you is add something small, even if it’s just waking up 5 minutes earlier each morning. Choose something that you’ve struggled with and be consistent and dedicated for 21 days…remember intention mixed with consistency creates a habit.

Create a Healthy Evening Rhythm

I have also found that having a healthy evening routine sets me up for success the following day. Just like creating soothing bedtime routines for our babies, the same should be true for us. First I like to do a quick tidy before bed, making sure the main living areas are picked up. It’s never fun waking up to cluttered counters and dishes already in the sink from the night before. Then I like wash my face each night right before bed, there is just something so relaxing about it. A little bit of lavender spray on my bed before I hop in. I also try to go to bed at the same time each night [though I don’t always…] My boys are older now and really good sleepers, so again I realize everyones lifestyles are different and we have different circumstances. But for your own personal well being just try to get as much sleep as you can, haha. I also like to shut my phone off, keep all electronics out of my room and read for 10-15 minutes before bed.

Make a Morning Basket

I’ve talked a lot about Morning Basket and how we use it in our home for homeschool, but morning basket isn’t just for kids or homeschoolers. It’s for adults too and it’s a wonderful way to begin your day. It’s literally a basket filled with gentle life giving material. For my personal basket I keep my bible, journal, devotional and current book I’m reading. Each morning I pour myself a cup of coffee and before I do anything else I read my bible and devotional. Your morning basket can obviously look different than mine, but the point is to fill it with beauty and goodness.

Create + Utilize a Homemaking Routine

I’ve also talked a lot about my cleaning routine on Instagram. Having a routine on paper not only keeps me motivated and on track. It also in a sense holds me accountable. My routine changes through the seasons both of nature and life. Change is okay, be flexible with your time and routine, but having something in place will truly make the difference. You can see mine routine here.

I personally like to accomplish a few housekeeping tasks in my morning routine. Each morning while my coffee is brewing I head to the laundry room and throw a load of wash in. Once I’ve had my coffee, read my bible and devotional I empty the dishwasher. After that I make my bed. Then get dressed and ready for the day. By this point my boys are up and asking for breakfast!

Final Thoughts

Do not compare your routine to other homemaker’s routines. They are not living in your home, they are not living your life with your family. Gather ideas, maybe try some things they do!! But, at the end of the day you need to find a rhythm that works for YOU, for your family, for your home! Finally, give yourself grace. No one is perfect, we are all going to have good days and bad days. Crazy messy mornings, and slow simple mornings. It may sound silly but my morning routine has literally been a journey the past 10 years of being a keeper of a home. It’s changed with the seasons, I’ve grown. I’ve failed, I’ve learned what works for me, what I need to be my best self. I’ve learned what’s important to me and what helps me to begin each new day with joy and intention. But it didn’t happen over night and I’m not always great at it. So just keep that in mind!

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends!! I love having a space to connect with you, share my thoughts and talk about things, that bring me joy!




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