I’m going to be honest with y’all I feel like I’m such a terrible tutorial creator….Not the most encouraging start to a blog post considering you’re probably here to find out how to make something, haha. Just want to keep it real. I truly hope this post comes across as a simple tutorial and I hope you’re able to use these instructions to create an apron of your own. I’ve made quite a few aprons and can usually whip one up pretty quickly, but I’m terrible at documenting it [I get a little ahead of myself] and I often do it a little differently each time. I did document another apron awhile back using a tea towel you can read that here! Let’s gather our supplies!

2 + yards of fabric // Craft Paper for Pattern Making // Sewing Machine // Coordinating Thread // Pins // Iron // Measuring Tape // Fabric Marker or Chalk Pencil // A pot of coffee or tea [this is optional, but highly recommended 😉 ]

Step One – Make a pattern. I had this pattern that I’ve used before all I did to make my pattern was cut a piece of craft paper, you can use newspaper, wrapping paper, it doesn’t matter. I cut out a rectangle about 15×32 inches. Once I had my rectangle I measured 6 inches across the top of our fabric and made a mark. Then I measured 9 inches down made another mark, then drew a curved line connecting the two marks. This pattern piece will be used to cut on the fold. So essentially your fabric piece will is 30×32 and then folded in half. To cut your fabric, fold it in half then place your pattern on the fold to cut your piece. I have a picture below that shows this probably better than I’m explaining it.

Step Two – Cut your strap pieces. I made my top strap so that it would go over my head and not need to be tied. This is just a personal preference. You could do separate straps [ 2 straps cut to 25×3 inches to tie around your neck] or one piece, If you prefer one over the head strap cut one strap of fabric 22×3 (this was a great length for me). For your waist straps cut two pieces of fabric about 40×4 inches. Fold and press all of your straps in half and sew right sides together along the long edge to make a tube. Turn out, press, If you’ve opted to use only one strap now is a good time to pin and figure out the exact length you want your neck strap to be so that it falls comfortably on your chest once you’ve finished [tuck those top and bottom pieces of your tube in to create a clean finish and top stitch.

Step Three – Cut your pocket piece. My pocket is 16 inches by 10 inches. Fold and press your pocket pieces. I folded and pressed 1/2 inch and then a 1/2 inch again for a total of 1 inch fold on each side. Top stitch the top of your pocket piece. Place your pocket about 14.5 inches from the top of your apron and center it width wise. Pin and sew only along the 2 sides and the bottom of your pocket. Once it’s sewn on measure half way across your pocket and stitch down the center to create two separate pockets.

Step Four – Placing your ties can be a little tricky. You’ll want to lay the right side of your back piece facing up. Lay your neck tie[s] so that theres a tiny tail at the top. The length of the ties will lay flat with the length going towards the bottom of the apron piece [essentially inside your apron] You’ll want to place your top ties about 1/2 inch over on either side to allow space for your seam. When you sew your front and back piece together. Since I chose 1 piece for my top I measured and placed my strap where I wanted. Make sure it’s laying flat and nothing is twisted. I had quite a bit extra peeking out the top because I miscalculated….don’t do that, haha. The size I’ve given you should be a comfortable length. Lay your front apron piece on top the right side facing down [right sides together] remember this is going to get turned out. I pinned my straps in place and stitched the top of the apron with my tie in place. Then I did the same with my side ties…about 1/2 down from the waist section to allow for seam allowance. Sew all the way around your apron leaving a nice sized section at the bottom open for turning your piece out.

Step Five – I left my bottom piece open to turn everything out. Once it was turned out and pressed I went all the way around with a top stitch, tucked in those bottom raw edges to create a nice clean finish all the way around.

That’s it folks!! I hope this tutorial has inspired you to pull your sewing machine out, push up your sleeves and try a new project! Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!




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