Today I want to share a two simple and charming crafts to do this winter season. Whether you enjoy crafting alone or you have kiddos, grand babies, nieces, nephews…its fun for everyone! These stars are just a sweet little way I like to bring some happiness and warmth inside during the cold winter months. If you’re going to have the kids help just be sure you do the hot gluing for them so their little fingers don’t get burnt!

Paper Bag Star

Step One – you’ll need 8 brown or white paper bags. Any size will do, I went with a large lunch bag size.

Step Two – you will use your hot glue gun to glue along the center of the bag. The side with the bottom flap facing upwards and along the bottom, Basically you’re making an upside down T as pictured above.

Step Three – Once you have all of your bags secured together with your hot glue, you’re going to cut the top into a pointed shape. You can choose to cut a triangle or half circle on either side of your star. I simply chose not to.

Step Four – Once you have your side cut, you’ll adhere a string or ribbon along the front and back of your star. I have this pictured above. Once your string is in place you’ll place more glue in a T pattern and then connect the front and back together in a circle to create your star. Your two strings will meet up and this will secure your star and you’re ready to hang.

Waldorf Stars

Step One – Cut out perfect squares. I used 6 inch squares for this star. You can use anything. Origami paper, old magazine paper, newspaper, construction paper, old music sheets + you can do any size, just be sure its a perfect square.

Step Two – Fold your square in half, then open back up

Step Three – Fold each side over meeting at the center crease as pictured above. Glue these folds down with a glue stick

Step Four – Repeat until you have 8 pieces

Step Five – Glue each piece on top of each other like pictured above.

Step Six – Glue your final star piece in place and hang. You can use embroidery floss to hang or simply tape it to a wall or window.

And there you have it folks, it’s that simple. Have you made these before? I’d love to hear about the ways you like to add warmth and charm to your home during the winter season!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends!


Bree ❤

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