I’m thrilled to have teamed up with some blogger friends to being y’all some simple Christmas DIYS, I know you guys are going to love all of these darling ideas. Be sure to scroll all the way down for the links to all of the blogs! Years ago I picked up this adorable felted stocking at a local craft fair. I’ve always enjoyed pulling it out each year. It’s nothing fancy, but that’s what draws me to most things. I’m not a flashy kind of girl. I’m most drawn to simple, understated, and it’s even more exciting if it’s handmade. I decided this year for fun I’d try to make a similar one myself. Like most of my craft projects I decided to wing it. I used extra felt I had from my advent calendar and basically just examined the stocking I had and did my best to replicate it. I took a few pictures along the way and I’ll do my best to explain my process below in case you’d like to try it yourself + I’ll share the mistakes I made so you can learn from my errors, ha! I will say it’s a pretty basic sewing project and one that would be fun to do with littles!


Black felt, I used two 7×9 pieces

A small scrap of white felt + scrap of brown + green + gold

pins + embroidery floss + craft glue

I started by tracing my stocking onto my felt pieces. I used a white chalk pencil to trace. Then I sewed right sides together along my lines leaving the top open so that I could turn it out. [NOTE: Learn from my mistake and glue and stitch your tree, stump, and star in place first. It’s not fun trying to do it after the stocking is sewn together. ] You’re going to have to sew your tree in place on the opposite side of where you drew your chalk line. If need you can cut out your stocking to help with proper tree placement. Just be sure yo give yourself about a 1/4 inch extra all the way around your stocking. If you want to skip the hand stitching of the tree, then don’t worry at this point you can glut it at the end.

Next I took a small scrap of white felt and wrapped it around my stocking to get a measurements of the circumference of the top of my stocking. I sewed right sides together down my pins and turned this out. I placed my white sleeve over top of the black leaving about half of the felt hanging off the top. This is so I could fold the top inside the stocking. This gives it a more finished and clean look. You can see what I mean, pictured below, step 5. Once my white felt was in place I hand stitched all the way around. Because I folded it in half, half inside and half out it allowed me to stitch across the bottom and top and secure the inside and outside

Lastly I hand cut a tree, a star and a small rectangle for the stump. Like I mentioned above, because I wanted to hand stitch these pieces on I really should have done that first, but it ended up working out. You can certainly skip the hand stitching and just use some craft glue. It’s still adorable either way.

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! I hope this little felted project inspires you to craft some festive decorations up this season! Be sure to head over and check out my friend’s DIYS, too, and I’ve linked some of my favorite craft projects that I’ve shared here on the blog over the years!

Felt Star Garland // Fabric Christmas Trees // Felt Christmas Trees

Bree ❤



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