I’m such a collector at heart. Are you?

I love hunting for little treasures for our home. I get such a sense of coziness in a curated space. A space filled with items handed or hunted down totally sparks joy for me. I had the urge to change up my corner hutch in our dining room. That little switcheroo sparked the idea to share some things I’ve learned over the years while collecting goodies for our home. Today I wanted to share a few thoughts on collecting pieces and displaying them in your home.

What to Collect

This can be anything, and it can be super specific, or a little more broad. The beauty of your collection is that its yours! I personally love collecting items that have purpose. Items that I’m able to put to use in my home. Now not all of my collectibles serve a productive purpose. Some of them are just for looks and beauty, and that’s okay too!

Where to Shop

My favorite places to find new to me treasures are thrift stores, antique malls, flea markets, and yard sales. if I’m looking for something specific then I’ll head to Facebook Market Place or even Ebay or Etsy. There are also several small shops on Instagram that offer vintage treasures that I like to buy from from time to time. Generally though, I stick to second hand stores. Mainly because I like the feel of the hunt. Though I will say this, I do try my hardest to shop with intention. I’m sure I miss out of goodies often because I don’t thrift as often as I use to. But, I found the more often I went, the more often I bought items I didn’t really need or have a home for. These pieces ended up making their way back to the thrift store eventually. Now that my collections are established I will only occasionally add pieces I come across and truly love. If you’re just starting a collection then I suggest thrifting as often as you can since inventory is rotating and changing constantly.

Cleaning Tips

Basically all of my thrifted, second hand, antiqued treasures get a good little cleaning when I bring them home. If they are washable such as kitchen items I soak them in the sink. Linens go straight to the washer and dryer, or line dried. If they are furniture pieces I give them a good vacuum and spray down with my thieves spray. They will also get a nice sun bath. The sun helps to rid pieces of any little critters that may have been living inside of it + everything feels fresher after spending some time in the sun, don’t you agree?

Finding Purpose

I like to live by the rule of buying with thought and using it with care and if I don’t have a home or purpose for a piece I leave it for someone else to find and love. When it comes to collecting pieces I love items that I can actually use in my home. Old crocks, stoneware bowls, vintage enamel.and old baskets are some favorites that come to mind. I do recommend using your thrifted items safely though. I know old kitchen items may not be safe for food use so just be sure to do your research first to make sure it’s safe before using it in that way.

Displaying your Treasures

Now comes the really funny part, displaying all of your goodies! I like to begin with a blank slate. Lay everything out on the table or the floor and stand back for a bit to decide where I want to begin and how I want it to feel. For this particular collection rather than having all of the exact same types of things I went with a more general theme of kitchen items and stayed within a color theme. I believe this helps everything to appear curated and cohesive, without being too matchy matchy. Try using your space to display both vertically and horizontally. I like stacking things and even setting things inside the different vessels. This makes is more visually interesting. I typically like to stick with groups of three (but not always) generally I just like things to feel symmetrical and well balanced. Sometimes I can throw it together quickly and other times it takes time and some fluffing, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come together right away. Step back or step away and come back to it later with fresh eyes.

I hope this post was helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!

Blessings and happy treasure hunting,

Bree ❤


  1. Oh, so pretty! Makes me want to jump into the car and go thrift shopping right now. My struggle has been with a smaller house and having little collectable things without making the place look cluttered. But we’re moving soon, and hopefully we will have a little more space to make it the way I would love it to be. Also, how often do you dust/wipe all your knick-knacks?

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    1. Thanks, Sarah! I can definitely relate to having a small space. Compared to most our home is smaller/avg sized at only 1500 sq. My advice is sticking to certain areas to display you favorite items. For example in our dining room I store my favorite pieces in this corner hutch and then keep the rest of the space as simple as I can. Doing this, in my opinion visually adds interest, but keeps it contained and not overly cluttered. If things are displayed in the open on shelves I dust once every other week. once a week would be ideal, I simply don’t have the time for it, haha. If its closed behind a glass door it only gets dusted once every so often because the dust doesn’t really get to it.


      1. Wow! I have to say, American homes are so big! Our home is 90m2 (which, I think is about 968 sq ft) and that is average in New Zealand! I used to have a hutch dresser, which I loved, but it took too much room! Lol. It’s definitely like an English country cottage here, which I love, but definitely hoping for more space at our next home – for all the thrift shop finds! PS: I did end up going shopping!

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  2. I agree with Sarah. I’m in a condo and I don’t have a lot of room, but just enough. I started collecting vintage camera’s but lost steam. I can’t wait to hit some yard or estate sales to look for some treasures. Even if I don’t find anything it’s so exciting to see what people put out.

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