Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.

Charlotte Mason

I get asked pretty often on Instagram about homeschooling. How we homeschool, what curriculums we are using, what our routines look like, and so much more. Just like our seasonal routines and rhythms our homeschool one changes too. Actually if I think about it, I’d say our homeschool rhythm sort of ebbs and flows with the seasons.

I began using a morning basket about midway last year. It became such a gentle way to begin our day and I’ve missed it this past summer. Sure we still do little bits here and there, small aspects of it may show up throughout our mornings, but, it’s not what it is during our normal school year. Since there seemed to be so much interest from you lovely people on Instagram for me to share more glimpses of what homeschool looks like for us. The thought dawned on me the other evening to begin a monthly series dedicated to our morning time rhythm. Each month I’ll share what our routine looks like (the basic outline doesn’t really change) and what items I’ll be using and incorporating each month. I hope you find this series helpful, inspiring and encouraging. I hope to share more about our personal homeschool journey here on the blog this year as well. I’d love to hear what you want to see and read about here on the blog, I encourage you to leave me a comment below with any ideas or interests you have!

Our morning time looks a little something like this…

Morning Stretches – I let my boys each pick a stretch or move and I pick one. We do each one a few times to get any wiggles out

Bible Time + Prayer – We are currently reading through Indescribable by Louie Giglio

Read Aloud – We are currently reading The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls about M.J. Thomas

Flash Cards – We are currently practicing addition, subtraction and multiplication

Art Study/Memory Work/Poetry – We’ll be using Fresh Wanderings Morning Time Printable for this.

Piano Practice

Handwriting + Copywork – We use our devotional (each day has a verse, we use this one for our cursive practice) along with copy work from our ABeka workbook

Letters/Sounds/Months/Days – with my little one

If it’s something my little guy isn’t able to do yet or is losing interest quickly. I make sure I have a basket near by with a few quiet toys he can occupy himself with.

Basket Contents and Book List


101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Read Aloud Books from our Personal Library

Our Fresh Wanderings Printable + Flashcards


We typically go to the library once or twice a month, unless we are going for a special class or group. I try to pick a general theme for our haul. We’ll use these books for read aloud. My younger son can flip through them while I do other things with my oldest. Sometimes my oldest will use some of these books for his reading time or to read aloud to his brother. I also like to use these books for creative writing and craft time. We may read a book about gardens for instance. We’ll take time to talk about gardening and then I’ll encourage my boys to draw a picture of their favorite flower. Or anything in relation to the story. Its a simple way to encourage creativity and work on our drawing and writing skills.

Our first library haul for this month includes:

  1. Atlas of Adventures
  2. City Moon
  3. Hidden World Forest
  4. National Parks of the U.S.A.
  5. Over and Under the Pond
  6. A River
  7. Tiny Perfect Things
  8. This is How We Do It

I’ll be sharing different snippets of our days and activities over on Instagram so be sure to hop on over there from time to time to see what we are up to!

Are you planning on starting you homeschool year soon, have you already started, or have your kiddos started school outside of the home yet? I’d love to hear about your routines and rhythms, too!


Bree ❤

**this post contains affiliate links, please see full disclosure**

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