On Thursday I took you all along to my favorite little antique store. I talked a bit on Instagram about my process when I’m thrifting. My no. 1 tip is to go into it with purpose. Every once in awhile I’m not really looking for anything in particular and I’ll stop in a store just to meander. However, most of the time I keep a list of what I’m looking for so that I’m buying with purpose and intention. Just because I’m paying thrift store prices doesn’t mean I need to hoard all the things. I still like to be intentional and bring in items that I actually need and will use.

My list for this particular trip was;

  • a shelf for our bathroom for above the toilet
  • I’ve been on the hunt for a wood ironing board for the longest time
  • baskets…because thats one thing I can never have enough of
  • stoneware/crocks
  • small ducks/geese figurines
  • small artwork preferably floral/landscapes

I’m happy to report this particular trip was successful! I actually found almost everything on my list. So here are all my [new to me] old things 😉

Here is my haul minus the ironing board…I still had to clean it up a bit.

I was hoping to find a little shelf like this for our bathroom and our kitchen, but I never thought I’d find two in one trip!! As much as I love this little shelf and my new blue and white crock stoneware jug those little geese are my favorite!! The woman who owns the store said she bought them from a 90 year old man who said he kept them from his mother’s kitchen [I believe] from when he was a little boy. This shelf works perfectly on our counter top to store all of my essential oils.

This sweet little shelf needs a little love and care, but of course I had to have my husband hang it so I could play around with it and display a few odds and ends. I’ve been wanting a shelf in here for some time so I was so excited to find the perfect one at a great price. I’m also working on a little bathroom refresh and once all the small details come together I’ll be sure to share it with you guys!

Overall this was probably once of my best thrift hauls ever and there have been many times it was a miss, but I know that the Lord cares about all the small details of our lives and I am so thankful for the small blessings He gives us.

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!

Blessings + lots of love!

Bree ❤

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