Weather [to the tune of Oh My Darlin’] What’s the weather_ What’s the weather_ What’s the weather like today_ Is it sunny_ Is it stormy_ Is it rainy_ Is it hot_ What’s the weather_ What’s the weather_ What’s the weat

Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas – Charlotte Mason 


9:00 am | Morning Time Includes

weather song // read aloud // bible time // verse of the week // poetry // practice piano

10:15 am | Handwriting

10:30 am | Creative Writing

11:00 am | Lunch

11:30 am | Language Arts | Spelling | Reading

Short Break

1:00 Math

A typical day in the life of this homeschool mama looks a little something like this.


This is normally when I wake up. I am not a morning person by nature so I’m a little slow going. I’ll help pack my husband’s lunch, make my coffee and try to get some bible reading in. Normally by my second sip of hot coffee there is pitter patter of little boy feet. I like to try to unload the dishwasher and start a load of laundry during this time

7:00 -8:00 

My boys are usually both up around 7:00 am sometimes before and usually within minutes of each other. They like to see Daddy off to work.

Between  7:00 and 8:00 we have breakfast, clean up, brush teeth, get dressed, make beds…basically all the morning things. Then I let them play until about 9:00 am. Sometimes this may involve a cartoon but usually I try to avoid all screens until much later in the day,


This year I decided to incorporate a “Morning Time” routine – basically all of our morning time activities were done at different times during the day, but I decided to lump them all together in hopes that it would be a gentle way to start our day. So far it’s been a wonderful little rhythm. We use my NIV bible and the Jesus Storybook Bible for bible time. We also love the flash card from Pip and J Papery. Right now we are reading Charlotte’s web and we’ll likely watch the movie as a treat when we are finished.


By this time I like to get our actual “school” day started. We usually begin with handwriting. This is something both boys do together. Though my four year old works on a little book I found on Amazon and my second grader uses Abeka’s Handwriting Book.


By 10:30 I like to begin working on creative writing. We only just started this back in January. My 7 year old doesn’t love writing so we struggle sometimes. I do my best to make it fun and nudge him along when I see he needs help. I don’t follow Abeka strictly with this simply because I want him to be excited and interested in the subject so I’ll stray a bit at times.


Lunch Time


Language Arts | Spelling | Reading

We use Abeka for our Language Arts. we go over our lesson, work on our classwork, worksheets, go over spelling words and read several pages/discuss from our Abeka reader. During this time my younger son usually plays nearby, looks at books, sits on my lap, etc… My 7 year old is not super independent [though he is improving] with his work yet. He’s easily distracted so I can’t stray far from him otherwise he won’t get much accomplished or he’ll disappear to play, haha.

Once that’s all complete we play, I clean up from lunch, we go outside, stretch a little to get our wiggles out…basically whatever.


We go over our Math drills/flash cards. I teach the lesson and he usually can do his math worksheets independently. I check his work and thats the end of our school day.

On Fridays we have all of our “reviews” they are tests, but I call them reviews. We also do our History lessons, Science lessons and have piano practice on Friday.

One Friday a month we try to go to our Library for a homeschool art class and the first Saturday of the month we go to Home Depot for their kids workshop.

I also like to sprinkle in time outside, nature walks, music, and art when I can. We’ll listen to all kinds of music throughout the day and if we need something fun and simple to do we’ll draw or paint.

Right now we don’t do any co-ops though I am thinking of looking into one for next year.

Screen Time Rules 

is the house tidy?

is all of your school work complete?

is your room clean?

have you played outside?

have you read for at least 20 minutes?

have you practiced piano?

have you played nicely with your brother?

have you had a positive attitude today?

1 hour limit of screen time [unless I’m giving extra for a treat|or I need to do something for a short period of time]

Curriculum that we use

Abeka | Language Arts + Spelling

Saxon | Math

Masterbooks | History + Science

I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten something so if you think of any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, you can leave me a comment below or chat with me on Instagram.


❤ Bree


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