Blame it on the sunshine or the fact that I’ve been a busy bee tidying all.the.things. and  sparking all the joy, but I had the itch to take some pictures of our winter home today. Things have been rather gloomy in our neck of the woods + we’ve all been feeling under the weather for the past couple weeks so you can imagine why I welcomed the bright sunshine with big open arms.

I shared on Instagram all the tiding I’ve been up to this past week. A few years ago I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up.  I got about halfway through and for whatever reason never finished. I definitely implemented some of her ideas into our home, but I didn’t really go “all in.” Fast forward to last week when I stumbled upon her Netflix series, Tidying Up and y’all, I’m hooked. I’ve actually had so much fun going through all.the.things and reorganizing all the items that we love. It truly is a really helpful concept to let go of things that you don’t love or don’t have a use for. It’s reinforcing gratitude for all the things we still love as well as the things we’ve used, but have chosen to let go. I haven’t really gotten to the hard stuff yet though. So far I’ve only tackled our clothing/shoes, linen closet and the kitchen. I still have to do books and papers as well as the rest of the misc, which Marie recommends be organized by category rather than by room. Slowly but surely we’ll get there and I’ll be sure to continue to share that journey with you guys! Aside from organizing and tiding up I’ve taken down all the Christmas decorations and I’m enjoying the “emptiness” and simplicity thats been left in it’s place.

My husband bought me the Shark Ion cordless vacuum that I asked for, for Christmas and I looooove it. You can see the boys taking turns cleaning up the wood pieces and soot bits from the fireplace. I love how light weight it is and it’s so convenient to just pick it up and take it along. Sometimes I think those little messes are the most annoying and difficult to stay on top of. But, this little vac is the perfect size for the boys so they’ve been helping so much more! That’s a mega win in this Mama’s book!

the living room

I ordered some contact paper from Target to line my kitchen drawers with, but ended up using it for this cabinet. I actually love it and the best part is, if I get sick of it I can just pull it off and it won’t ruin the piece!

Oh January sun I’m so thankful for you!

the linen closet

My linen closet is usually pretty tidy, but I had fun playing around in there. I spruced it up a bit and added this door organizer that I found at Walmart. Now it’s the perfect place for my beeswax and candles, oil rollers and some utility items.

the master bedroom 

Three bags of clothes to donate [mine, husbands and kiddos] and reorganized drawers and armoires make me one happy girl! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to so far this year. Have you been in the organizing and tidying mood?

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! Blessings,

❤ Bree

5 thoughts on “WINTER AT HOME

  1. Your home is beautiful! It’s so fun to see how others decorate and make their home a cozy place. I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but I had to smile when I saw the Lego blocks and toys in some of the pictures. I can relate to that. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! And that doesn’t come across in the wrong way at all. I wanted this post to be a peek into a real life kind of day. So I left things as they were in that moment. Here in this house a normal day almost always involves legos 😂

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  2. What a beautiful home you have. I am also tiding up but it is nothing like this. It’s fun watching that series on Netflix, gets you in the mood to get up and start organizing your life. I can tell from these photos you are doing a great job. Adorable kids too.


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