Welcome!! I’m so glad that you’re visiting the blog today. If you’re coming from Lindsey’s blog I just love her coastal themed Christmas tree, don’t you? It’s such a treat to team up with my blogging buddies and share their homes with y’all. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to gather a wide range of ideas from different decor styles and homes. Each one unique and special in their own way. So be sure to check out all the other DIYs, I’ve tagged them at the end of this post.

So who is ready for another addition of AT HOME | A HANDMADE CHRISTMAS…? I’ve loved sharing my simple DIY projects with you guys and I’ve loved seeing you create your own pieces using my tutorials! It’s been such a blessing sharing the joy of this season with you! Today I want to share another little project, felt stars. It’s sooooo simple and though it takes a little bit of time cutting and hand stitching the pieces together, I can say it’s quite therapeutic and relaxing. It’s so simple in fact I’m sure you could figure it out just by the pictures. But, just in case I’ve shared a few steps on how to create your own at the bottom of this post.

I spy a sweet little photo bomber 😉

Felt Stars:

What you’ll need:

White felt

A star pattern, you can make your own, use a cookie cutter or toy. Anything works.


A fabric pencil

Embroidery Floss and a needle


Trace your star shapes. I layered my felt so I could cut two pieces at a time.

Once you have your shape, cut out your stars

Take your embroidery floss [I used two strands]  and stitch together two star pieces. I did a very basic stitch.

Tie a little knot once you’ve made it around the whole star.

I had some white felted balls that I decided to use for my garland as well. You could do this or maybe alternate different sized stars or shapes. String everything together using more embroidery floss… it’s that simple

Thanks again for stopping by! Blessings!

❤ Bree

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