So we are officially into the second week of January and I’ve been busy trying to clean out and organize my upstairs closets. We have three closets in our upstairs. Our linen closet, our master bedroom closet and the closet in our boys room. Today I’m excited to share them all with you.

Lets start first with some tips for organizing your closet space…

My hunky, handy man husband installed shelves in our closets. Nothing fancy like some of those beautiful custom closets you can buy. But it’s functional and that’s what matters most in a closet. So if you have the means I suggest installing shelves and rods that are going to be most functional for you and your family.

Remove everything from your closet and set everything out. This is a great time to go through everything and decide what is a necessity, what you love and what you don’t need/don’t love. For my bathroom closet/linen closet. I take everything out, those 500 bottles of lotion that were gifted over the year that I never use, either give to someone who may love it or throw it way. If you have anything that could have expiration dates, check those and throw away. Make up does expire over time. If it’s old or you don’t like the product, just chuck it. There’s so sense in storing things you don’t love/use. The same goes for clothing if it’s old, worn, doesn’t fit, you don’t love it…just get rid of it. Whether you donate, sell, or throw away don’t keep it just to keep it, thats silliness.

Utilize baskets, plastic containers ect. There are so many inexpensive options out there to help organize your spaces. I love checking the dollar stores and the dollar spot at Target. They always have inexpensive containers. Plus they look pretty too!

Invest in some good hangers. A couple years ago I slowly replaced my hangers. I purchased the velvet non slip ones and I just love them so much.My goal this year is to get more for my husband’s clothes. I found them at Target, Walmart and TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods

Roll your clothes in the drawers. I never would have thought it would save space but it totally does and it looks really nice too!

I organize our closets by color. We keep summer/winter out all year so long sleeve and short sleeve are all mixed but separated by color and it’s so much easier when picking out an outfit for the day. Plus it looks really pretty! Whether you do this or have another method what’s important is that it works for you! So find a system that makes sense to you and makes your life easier!

Let’s jump in with some pictures, shall we?


I try to keep our closet in the bathroom limited to only essentials. I have learned over the years that less is more. I don’t stock up ridiculously on shampoos, lotions, ect. We just don’t have the space in our small house to store it all. Plus all the extra stuff would drive me crazy! Not pictured but, on the floor I have a cloth storage container that holds an extra shower curtain and our beach towels. All of our other linens are stored in our chest in our bedroom.


I thought it would be fun to add some patterned contact paper on the inside of the closet. I’m still deciding if I like it. What do y’all think? Of course I had to rearrange a little and I ran out of paper, which came from the Dollar Tree. The top two fabric bins in the above picture is where I keep my straightener, blow dryer, and extra little odds and ends.

I keep my makeup and hair brush in the vanity cabinet. So that it’s easily accessible

Moving on to the bedrooms.


I’ll only be showing my side of the closet. Yes, my husband and I share one closet. Aside from his hangers being plastic his side looks basically the same.

The top shelf holds some fabric containers which store, maxi skirts, shorts, and scarves.

The bottom rod on my side is pretty empty but it does hold a couple old sweatshirts that I like to bum around the house in. On my husbands lower side he has all his jeans.


Jeans and some t-shirts are folded here in the middle and the bins hold my tank tops and spaghetti strapped tops.


A peek inside, one bin has colored tank tops the other is filled with white and black tank tops. All rolled of course.

We also have a long shared dresser. This is where we keep our underwear, pajamas, swim wear, and socks.


The boys also share a closet and one dresser. Their dresser holds their pajamas and pants. The closet has an upper rod for my little one’s clothes and a lower rod for my older son’s clothes. Their socks and underwear are kept in bins in this closet as well as their swimwear. I also like to keep a bin on the floor of their closet to store outgrown clothing that needs to get sorted for hand me downs or to sell at a local consignment shop.

Well thats all I have for now. I really hope you found some of this helpful and hopefully it’s inspired you to tackle those closets in your home too!

Blessings friends!

❤ Bree

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