Decking Your Halls (on a budget)


We all know that changing our home decor on the regular adds up quickly and can become very expensive. But changing up our decor, especially for the holidays doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Today I’m bringing you some tips on how to create and shop for Christmas decor on a budget. Let’s dive right in, shall we!?

One. Shop your house, go through your home and see what you have, there is a good possibility that you have plenty of goodies from years past. They may need a little freshening up. But don’t be afraid to get creative. I love how my insta bestie, Jordan over at A Blue Nest repurposed old ceramic houses to better suit her decor. You can click that link to see how she DIYed them.


Two. Utilize the Dollar Store, Target Dollar Spot, Thrift Stores and Goodwill there are loads of goodies to be had at these places. I also recently checked out my local Restore – Habitat for Humanity and was pleasantly surprised that they had vintage Christmas decor for super cheap, like this vintage santa mug. How adorable is he?


Three. Use nature. Nature is free, so if you have greenery in your yard, cut that stuff down and bring it inside. Not only will it add a fresh crisp feel, your house is going to smell! And if you don’t have access to fresh greens check out your local home improvement stores or tree farms. Chances are they have plenty of scraps they can give you, or you could purchase at a very small price.

I used fresh clippings from Home Depot and some fresh Eucalyptus to create this centerpiece for only a couple of dollars. I just spritz it with water every so often so that it doesn’t completely dry out before Christmas.


Four. Get crafty. I saw so many gorgeous wreaths this year, so many that I wanted to buy. But y’all I’m so dang cheap I just could not dole out the cash when I knew I could make one myself. So, if you see something you like, try to replicate it. First check to see if you have the majority of supplies on hand…because lets be honest we are all guilty of going to the craft store for supplies and spending $50 when you could have just bought the item for $20. So again, shop your house. See what you have and get to work. I made this wreath for less than $10 – I already had the basic pine wreath. I purchased the ribbon and used a coupon, I had the antlers and I purchased the flocked greenery picks at Michaels. They were having a 50% off sale, plus I had a coupon I could use on sale items.


I got a couple extra picks from Michaels to use on my mantel as well. For only a couple of dollars it makes a big impact.

Five. Just be you! Don’t feel the need to be trendy or fill your home with the new rage of the season, unless it’s something that you absolutely love…of course. But please don’t feel like you have to keep up with whats on trend. Because we all know there’s going to be new trends next year. I really like to keep my decor classic and neutral. That way it can be used in the years to come or easily modified, just in case I want to change things up a bit. Your home is going to be the most welcoming if it reflects you and your family.

…a little P.S.You can’t go wrong with greenery, or pops of red here and there. It’s Christmas after all. And if you’re going to spend money spend it on statement pieces that you will love for years to come. The rest is just fluff and will all fall into place….


As always feel free to leave me some comments below and you can follow along on IG @thehomemakingmomma as well as on Pinterest The Homemaking Momma

I hope todays post was inspiring and helpful! Blessings, friends!

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