I’ve learned over the years that my limitations actually encourage my creativity. Whether it’s a small budget or an unusual space in my home, the more limited I am the more creative I have to be. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved decorating, crafting, using my imagination and creating things, and this passion has only seemed to grow the older I’ve gotten. I’ve also always been thrifty, careful how I spent my money. I’m that person that walks through the aisles of Target putting things in my cart only to do another full loop around the store and putting 95% of it back, ha! But, even though I am careful about how I spend and what I buy, I can’t resist a good deal or a bargain. I think that’s why I love thrifting so much. I can find fun, beautiful, interesting things to fill my home with, but not break the bank.

More than just saving a few pennies, I love thrifting for the coziness and warmth my thrifted treasures add to my home. Thrifted pieces add charm to my home and allow me mix old with new and create a unique and special place for my family.

Here are some of my favorite thrifting tips and I hope they can help and encourage you to get out there and score some fun pieces for your home!!


Take your time, you can’t rush a good thrifting trip. Some stores are very well organized and other are…well…not! You have to be willing to spend some time in the store. When I’m grocery shopping I’m a get in and get out kind of girl. When I’m thrifting I like to stroll, take my time, really examine things and enjoy the experience just as much as the items themselves.


Be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Utilize the internet. Check out all the local shops in your area. And if you can, be willing to travel outside of you community or city. My husband and I have found great pieces on our little travels. It’s worth it to explore and be willing to go to new and different places!


Days of the week and seasons are important. Certain stores such as Goodwill run sales on their items and have colored discount tags on certain items. They also get shipments from stores such as Target. I recently found 4 brand new curtain panels for $4.99 a piece. So find out the days they run their sales and do your best to get to the store on those days. I also like to go through the store in the mornings before everyone’s picked through everything for the day. Seasons, the beginning of the year seems to be a great time. Spring cleaning, everyone is purging which means more pickins’ at the thrift store!


The last tip leads me to this tip. If you want to find great pieces, go as often as you can. Inventory is changing constantly at thrift stores. Something you see that morning will very possibly be gone by that same evening.


If you see something, grab it. Even if you’re not sure about it, GRAB IT!! You can always put it back. Run if you have to (just kidding…kind of) I may have power walked…ran…to get certain items that have caught my attention from across the store. Things go quickly and if you don’t grab it when you can someone right behind you will.


You have the ability to make someone else’s “trash” your treasure. Many of my collections have all started from that sweet little item I found at a thrift store. Going beyond home good, some of my favorite clothes are thrifted pieces. Many times high quality high priced pieces are a out of my budget, but being patient and shopping secondhand I’m able to add quality pieces that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford!


Last but certainly not least. Ask for a discount, or a membership card. This can help you to save even more money. At antique markets where items tend to be pricier than thrift stores, I always ask if they offer a 10% or more discount on their items. To this day I’ve never gotten less than 10% off. A penny saved is a penny saved, right!?

Most importantly HAVE FUN. Don’t take it to seriously. I’m all about a great deal, but the best part about thrifting is finding items that were unwanted by someone else and giving them new life in your home.

Blessings and Happy Thrifting!!

❤ Bree

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